Wednesday, February 26, 2014

For Oscar 2014 Week, the Classics, the Basics...Red Carpet or Not.

By Laura Medina

Left, SMASHBOX CAMERA READY BB CREAM EYES BROAD SPECTRUM SPF 15 & Right,  Tarte BB Tinted Undereye Corrector with Brush,

The minimalist, the sleek, the basics, the touch-ups, and the classics,  amped-up BB Undereye Concealers, tough mascaras, and a classic red lip to top it off.

Now, that BB Cream is the standard in every bathroom cabinet, vanity tabletop, and tote bag.  It moved on to where it's needed the most, those weary bags underneath the eyes and those blemishes.

For high-wattage High Definition flash and glare, the professional studio-grade Smashbox squeeze it's miraculous SMASHBOX CAMERA READY BB CREAM EYES BROAD SPECTRUM SPF 15.  It fades the look of dark circles instantly and over time, reduces the appearance of puffiness, visibly smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, and improves firmness-in a click of a can stash in your clutch.

For the holistic hotties, Tarte BB Tinted Undereye Corrector, with Brush, hydrates, smoothes, and conditions the delicate under-eye area. The peach-tone, creamy corrector instantly helps perfect the appearance of skin tone with light-diffusing agents that help brighten and soften the look of fine lines. The skinvigorating formula also works to help improve the appearance of skin's texture.

Left, Kanebo Sensai 38°C Mascara, & Right, Kanebo Sensai Vibrant Cream Colour Lipstick,

For color...and tears from losing, just swipe Kanebo Sensai 38°C Mascara, resisting tears of  laughter and watery eyes from gusty windsThe 38°C stands for 38 degrees Celsius, as it’s the temperature of water required to melt the mascara off your lashes. 

Kanebo Sensai Vibrant Cream Colour Lipstick in classic red VC 06 Urumishu, a creamy, moisturizing matte red.

All the basics you can stash in your red clutch/evening clutch.



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