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Everybody's Girlfriend, Bobbie Thomas of the Today Show, chats about Dove's NutriumMoisture™ , Piticures, and Taking Care of Oneself to Empower Oneself.

By Laura Medina

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The approachable Bobbie Thomas, of The Today Show, was just as vivacious, sunny, and warm as the California sun, touring with Dove's Piticure Pop-Up Spa Tour/Campaign at The Grove, in Los Angeles' Fairfax District.

Sure, she was missing out on New York Fashion Week during a blizzard, but to hang out with real women while dispensing underarm care advice in sunny LA, who wants to skip that?

Knowing she'll be back in the snow before she knows it, Bobbie was soaking up L.A.'s perpetual Summer while contemplating having the best of both worlds or climates...

"The sun is like therapy.  Sitting in the sun for a few minutes will help me get through the next storm.  You know, it’s nice to cuddle up and hang out with your friends.  An excuse to have a snow day is not so bad."

She immediately ease into what a "Piticure" is, basically it is exfoliation of dead skin cells and toxins from the underarms so it'll be easier to scent and moisturize the underarms.

That's the one of many charms of Bobbie Thomas, she can take a very delicate and awkward subject then make it friendly so she can educate women.  As a Photoshop fan as well, she believes if women can be better educated and take care of themselves, we can empower them.

Out of all the skincare/intimate companies out there, she picks Dove because of it's focus on real women. 

"Dove is a brand that I always admire because they tackle issues and they put them in campaigns that rally women and empower us, to love our bodies.  So, I love that."  

Then, she stressed the importance of taking care of one's underarm.  Both her and this scribe discussed the importance of exfoliating the underarms due to lymph nodes releasing toxins and dead skin cells causing blockage, yet at the same time, nourishing a sensitive area that needs to breathe.  

"It is because when we shave our underarms, we are actually shaving off 36% of our skin, so you’re losing critical moisture."  

She also knows that when with dealing with very strong anti-perspirant deodorants, the dryness, irritations, and allergic reactions, especially for women, those results can make people self-conscious. This is why Bobbie is such a fan of Dove's effective but gentle Advanced Care Anti-Perspirant Deodorant with NutriumMoisture™.  It comes with an elegant floral scent for the ultimate care after every shave...

"And like you would take care of your face or your skin, your elbows, it’s really important that you’re nourishing the area, to have that confidence, to step out in something sleeveless; and as always, Dove is a brand that I always admire because they tackle issues and they put them in campaigns that rally women and empower us, to love our bodies.  So, I love that."  

She essentially wants women to feel good about themselves by taking good care of themselves.  

With Dove's new Advanced Care Anti-Perspirant Deodorant with NutriumMoisture™, she likes the idea that the most advanced skincare technology comes in a simple, underarm deodorant...

"It’s interesting.  Sometimes, people think you need a new, revolutionary contraption that turns into a robot to get attention.  But, it’s the everyday, small things that we tend to overlook, and sometimes, out of sight is out of mind.  I think it’s really important that I do love to highlighting things that we all know but reminding you of it, “oh yeah.”   And you know, when it comes to exfoliation, like you said, the underarm area needs some extra TLC.  You do have to make sure you’re renewing the skin often and gentle in a way that you can avoid potentially the problems that you’ll spend weeks that you then overcome in weeks to regain skin back to itself.  So, I don’t know." 

This is why she's out on a mission to make women feel comfortable about taking care of themselves by hosting Dove's roving "Piticure Party,"...

"Personally, I think Piticure Party is gonna make somebody say, “Wait, what is that? Then, you say arm pit then they say “eww.”  It’s kinda fun to be challenged.  Then say “wait, think about logically.” I really love that Dove comes at it with a real and honest perspective that it’s a win-win.  Yes, they’re interested in selling their brand but they’re also interested in providing you with the most advanced skincare; and we as women should take advantage of the beauty benefits in an everyday product. "

If you’re wondering what a Piticure party is? 

"It’s all about giving your underarm some love.  Their fun twist on this event is the hashtag #DearArmPit.   I love the humor that Dove embraces because it is the humor that empowers us women, to take the power away from a negative word.  If the word “arm pit” sounds gross, take the power away then give it back to women, to say “you know what,” I’m gonna love the skin underneath my arm as I would any part of my body.”  And, the cool part of Dove’s new advance care with NutriumMoisture™  They really look at the development of this new antiperspirant product through a beauty lens which means it doesn’t just gives you odor and wetness protection for 48 hours but actually reformulates its Nutrium moisture that they put in their body washes for smoother skin which I think is really good news for women who don’t have that confidence to put that sleeveless top or have dry skin or in-grown hair or razor blade bumps, chafing, any of those things that some women struggle with.  I know I give myself razor burns.

Basically, at the Piticure Spa/Party, a Dove technician scrapes the dead cells off the armpit then soothes it with Dove's Advanced Care Anti-Perspirant Deodorant with NutriumMoisture™.  Afterwards, you have the option of trying on tank tops then posing for a photo with your arms up.

Bobbie really likes that Dove has eleven different deodorants and scents and formulas to play then mix and match with,...

"I think it’s really nice, especially being in NY with the gray days and the weather sometimes being overwhelming, that sometimes Dove reminds that Spring and Summer are around the corner with fresh scents so that’s really nice. So, that’s what I think is a really cool benefit, find one of the variants that you’ll love…I really love that fresh, clean smell that’s light, not over-powering.  And, you know, you can figure which one you like. They have a sensitive skin option.  They have, you know, an option with an extra moisture boost to it.  There’s something for everyone." 

She has a tough time deciding which Dove deodorant is her favorite...

"I don’t know if I have a favorite because I keep on thinking “I really love the coconut then I go, “what, I’ll go try on the Sheers then I really love the Sheers.”  I think it’s really fun to go try out everything then again, I have the whole collection obviously. I tried them all so I’ve been routing.  So, I put them in my closet then using them one at a time.  I’ve been pulling them so."  

 At the end of the day,...

"Professional girlfriends, we all are. We have to stick up for each other and to associate with good products that help us."  




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