Monday, March 31, 2014

Hip & Haute, CoverGirl's & Ebony Magazine's "Lipstick on the Mic."

By Laura Medina

Dead Right.

Searching and nurturing rising women talent in R&B and Hip-Hop, CoverGirl teams up with Ebony Magazine in promoting the freshest female talent in R&B and Hip-Hop for their "Lipstick on the Mic" tour.

Smacked dabbed in the middle of Lower East Side-sque Hollywood's shopping center/concert venue Urban Outfitter's Space 15Twenty, this concert attracts the creme de la cream of fashion and beauty, such as celebrity makeup-artist, AJ Crimson.

The three acts hitting the stage, Dead Right, Andra Day, and Maad Moiselle all wore CoverGirl's new COVERGIRL 'truBLEND' Collection.  The fellows for that night's concerts are: Durango Boots, Indique Extensions and VitaFrute cocktails.

First up was the electronic dance music duo, Dead Right.  Recent transplants to LA from Atlanta, Graham and Alex popped dance tones while warming up the crowd to...

The soulfully sultry but elegant Andra Day, a Southern Californian from San Diego.   

Ellen DeGeneres called and offered to help the singer get recognized. Day is now signed to Warner Bros. Records through Buskin’ Records, which will release her debut album later this year.

Because she's reminiscent of by-gone but still legendary Nina Simone and Billie Holiday,  the crowd was respectfully composed through her performance.

As the finale, the crowd went mad for MAAD Moiselle, a wild model-turned-Hip Hop phemon who definitely spent time in Europe, earning her stripes, touring Europe with German-based pop group MADcon, being featured on two of their hit singles, "Outrun the Sun" and "Helluva Nite", working with Drake and super producers Just Blaze, Kwame, and Jonas Jeberg, featured on A$AP Ferg's album Trap Lord, and currently seen as the leading lady in R&B crooner Luke James's latest video, "Oh God".

It shows in her set, swinging to British dancehall reggae one minute to European electronic dance music next.  She used her long, lean, and lanky frame to full-effect, bumping and grinding into this scribe's face.

Currently seen as the leading lady in R&B crooner Luke James's latest video, "Oh God". Currently, MAAD is gearing up to release her debut EP, INDIGO, which will be released at the top of 2014. Her first single “Take Me”, was co-written by R&B singer Ro James and produced by Lehkz of #ProducedByTheVamp. 

What a way to finish off a night.  Bumping and a grooving to the fine, young ladies of "Lipstick on the Mic" was a great way to burn off Vine Vera's antioxidant-rich, 6-course Wonder Woman/Gal Gadot's Dinner. 

Hip, haute, and healthy.

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