Wednesday, March 5, 2014

America's future sharks of America cheer on USA Network's "Suit," making a stop at UCLA, "Fight, Fight."

By Laura Medina

When this scribe's College of Charleston co-horts are cavorting on Bravo's "Southern Charm;" and Los Angeles' University of Southern California bond like no other, cross-town rivals, UCLA is boning up on becoming Creative Artists Agency agents and being treated to a premiere viewing of the first, full episode of USA Network's "Suits" premiering tomorrow night.
In Ackerman Union's auditorium, "SUITS" creator and executive producer, Aaron Korsh; and stars of "Suit," Gabriel Macht and Sarah Rafferty made a pit stop at UCLA on the nationwide SUITS On Campus Tour,

Prior to UCLA, "Suits" kicked off the tour at UC Berkeley.  After UCLA, they continued onto: University of Arizona, Northwestern, Boston University, Harvard (Sarah Rafferty's alma mater), and Columbia University.

Enthusiastic future "Suits" were beaming like puppies.  Anticipating for the premiere airing of this season's first "Suits" episode, Bruins played high-stakes activities designed to help them discover the skills required of a “SUIT-able” “Pearson Specter” law firm recruit.

Season three of SUITS returns Thursday, March 6 at 9/8c with six episodes.  

Bruins "Suits" were lucky enough to get the jump-start on being the first ones to watch the very first, full-length episode before the general viewing public.

While watching the premiere episode, Bruins learned that Harvey Specter's paramour landed guest star, Michael Phelps, as a client for the firm.  Consequentially, Jessica Pearson, Harvey's boss, forces his paramour to sign a non-competition clause in order for her to join the firm.  Louis Litt digs up dirt on a new hire, Mike Ross.  Meanwhile, Mike Ross is set to avenge his parents while being warned not to by a wiser attorney. 

After the viewing, Bruins were treated to a Questions-&-Answers session of Gabriel Macht and Sarah Rafferty and Aaron Korsh, hosted and moderated by Buzzfeed's Jarett Wieselman.

The twenty-something Bruins learned bonds run deep when they learned Sarah and Gabriel are close friends who bonded as a struggling student actors paying their dues on stage, to near-empty seats, in graduate acting schools and off-off-off Broadway plays in New York.

As a further form of thank-yous, USA Network gifted the Bruins with an introductory swag bag of customizable t-shirts, tote bags, “Watching SUITS” door hangers, branded coasters, bookmarks and SUITS energy drinks.

SUITS Returns On Thursday, March 6 at 9/8c on USA Network.

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