Thursday, March 6, 2014

Denise Richards, the new Spoke Lady for Orogold Skincare & Magazine

By Laura Medina

Denise Richards being introduced as Orogold's new Spoke Lady,

After years of working long hours on film and tv as a working mom who's in-demand actress, such as her latest series, ABC Family's "Twisted," Denise Richards need fast-acting but luxurious skincare that can calm and repair her skin at night then replenish and protect, under makeup, during the day.

She considered herself so blessed to be Orogold Skincare's new spokeperson and cover model of it's new lifestyle magazine.

Denise, herself, was really awed by the movie-sque production value of its new TV ad campaign.  She assumed the shoot would be straight-forward informercial video that one typically glimpse on a weekend afternoon filler. Boy, was she in for a surprise.

She thanked the Orogold team and ad crew for shooting her in a high-production, movie-sque ad casting her a classic 1940's movie siren, in the same league as Rita Hayworth and Joan Crawford.

Denise was equally impressed when she saw the finalized version of their Orogold Magazine with her on the cover.  She called it luxurious like the skincare line itself.

Denise doing the Q & A at press conference & debut party,

As a working mom who works long hours on a prime time TV series, she doesn't have time to wait for a slow-acting skincare.  She's a woman who needs quick results-now!

She loves Orogold's 24K Vitamin C Mask because it refreshes her skin while softening the wrinkles.  She also fell in love with their Tèrmica™ Energizing Mask because it open the pores then absorbing the dirt, oils and toxins from the deep tissues of your skin as it heats up, leaving her skin radiant and glowing.

Her regiment involves flipping night-to-morning then morning-to-night...

"At nighttime, I use serums and do masks during the mornings. So, I switch it up.  In the mornings, I always wash my face.  I always wash off my makeup at night; and I make sure I use a serum and night cream; and in the morning, I always put on moisturizer, especially before putting on makeup."

"Coming into the line, what I used, at first, was very basic.  The more I learned about the line, I learned that different ingredients bring different effects.  I love the anti-aging factor in this.  That really does work. I was very impressed.  There’s instant results and I saw that.  Based on before and after pictures, I saw that, I couldn’t believe that I saw for myself.  I’m just learning that everything is always changing.  Orogold is the cutting edge of skincare."

For someone new to the Orogold Skincare Line or just want an overall collection, Denise recommends their 24K Vitamin C Line. 

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