Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Use the American Music Awards Swag as Christmas Stocking Stuffers!

By Laura Medina
Limited Edition Carmex Lip Balms,

Totally dead, empty, and stressed in what to give for your finicky tween and teens?

How to make them look cool at school without breaking the bank?

Do you covet what your tween/teen gets and wish you all can share?

Have no fear!  Believe it or not, the American Music Awards has the stocking stuffers that anyone in the family can share and borrow...if you all want to.

An awards show style and beauty suite is an amazing moment to discover the newest and latest and the most innovative that cover all budgets.

Since the fans and the voters of the American Music Awards are mostly the junior high and high school sets, the American Music Awards targets the bulls-eye on what tweens and teens need and want.

Thank God, the cutest is the most affordable both you and the kid can buy multiples for your car, backpack, tote bag, gym bag, lockers, and pockets, Carmex Moisture Plus in limited edition decorative, uniquely designed tubes and cases, only for the holidays.

Don't worry, nothing weird.  It's still same ole classic, clear lip balm for everyone, from men to tween girls just starting to try out lipstick and makeup.  It's still the reliable stand-by at the same ole basic price but dressed up for the holidays.

Mark Hill Salon Products at Walgreens,

After being a hair care hit in the UK's Boots Pharmacy for nine years, Mark  Hill Salon Products made its debut at the American Music Awards Beauty and Style Suite.

For us normal, mere mortals, we all can get Moroccan Argan Oil-enriched Mark Hill Salon Products at Walgreens, at drugstore prices with salon quality.  Isn't that what every tween and teen and college-girls want and need?

Rolf Bleu™ by Caryn Sterling iPad Clutches, wallets, Crossbody Purses.

When both you and your daughter covet wallets, clutches, purses, and tote bags that pamper and protect our smartphones and tablets that we can't live without, it's time to upgrade to Rolf Bleu™ by Caryn Sterling iPad Clutches, wallets, Crossbody Purses.

What looks deceptively like Chanel quilted crossbody purses and clutches are actually quilted tablet protectors.  Ladylike on the outside yet tech-chic in the inside.  Flipped out, the crossbody purses transform into a tablet stand as a portable office table.  Now, isn't this a wise investment for Mother and Daughter style.  Business for mom.  School and homework for the daughter.

Don't forget the wanna-be rocker son for the holidays, give him what he covets from David Appel's Cohesive line, preppy-rocker cardigans, blazers, and jeans from a NBC' "Fashion Star" alumni, David Appel.

The American Music Awards Style and Beauty Suite is a great showcase to gleam ideas for your finicky tween and teenager.

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