Friday, December 6, 2013

Starlets, like Taraji P. Henson, are Divine Design Sale Gala Virgins and Excited about the Sale

By Laura Medina
Taraji P. Henson,

There a lot of Divine Design Sale Gala "virgins," young, up & coming starlets celebrating and shopping Hollywood's traditional Holiday charity party, the Divine Design Sale Gala where people shop designer over-stock at knockdown discounts, ranging from 60% off to 80% off while sipping on cocktails and nibbling on hor d' oeuvres catered by RockSugar Restaurant.

While this scribe mentioned to Taraji P. Henson about Elizabeth & James and Band of Outsiders over-stock being discounted at 60% off, she took off running to get the best picks. 

Marguiette Moreau & husband, Christopher Redman, lounging at the Divine Design Sale Party's Furniture Department,

Further proving celebrities are just like us, Marguiette Moreau and her fellow actor husband, Christopher Redman, are excited about shopping deep designer discounts, too...

But, she was really fascinated by this scribe's Q2HD Handy Video Recorder.  She was the first actress and the third celebrity to be in awe of this mini camcorder.  It's easier on the back.

The Zarian Twins a.k.a. The Zarian Brothers, Lawrence & Gregory Zarian,

In a joint effort, the Zarian Brothers, twins Lawrence and Gregory Zarian, always make Project Angel Food's Divine Design Sale Gala as their holiday tradition.  Where else can retailers make room for new merchandise by selling the over-stock then donate the profits to a noteworthy charity that feeds the sick and weak?

Lawrence talked about his new style guide book, "Lawrence Zarian's Ten Commandments for a Perfect Wardrobe" based on women complaining about how they have nothing to wear and can't style anything in their closets.

Gregory chatted about his new play he is in.

As veteran Project Angel Food/Divine Design Sale veterans, they make certain they point "the virgins" in the right direction.

If you want an in-depth interview, go ahead and watch it on

Tarquin Wilding, Elizabeth Taylor's grandson,

Not of all Young Hollywood is about "the sale."  Tarquin Wilding, the legendary Elizabeth Taylor's grandson, modestly yet deeply discusses about continuing his grandmother's charity mission.

He describes himself as "just a body."  He just wants to make sure her spirit and charity interest is kept alive and remembered and making it sure it is on the right path.

Tarquin said his grandma was a big flirt who made sure she was all about being woman.   

Yes, she was a diva, not in an obnoxious way but in a good way.  

She used her charm, her beauty, and her influence to help the little guys.  Mostly importantly, Tarquin wanted people to know about his grandmother's big heart.  Her compassion to care and her feistiness to stand up and fight for those in need..;and that's how Project Angel Food and its legendary holiday sale came about..;and he wants to make sure Elizabeth Taylor's legacy continues.
Tarquin Wilding is here to remind people that behind the fun and desirable designer sale, it is about compassion and caring.

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