Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Henri Bendel, "Sex and the City" Lifestyle Store

By Laura Medina

The venerable Manhattan department, before there was a Barneys, Henri Bendel has evolved into something nimble and agile.  Instead hulking down in several different cities as a bulky department store, it morphed into a chic and stylish lifestyle boutique for the "Sex and the City" women and "Carrie Diaries" girls.

 Whatever it lacks in space, it makes it up with quality items that any "Sex and the City" women and "Carrie Diaries" girls cannot live without, purses, clutches, totes, and watches named "The Samantha" and "The Carrie."

Henri Bendel the Boutique still has a gift wrapping in the back.

If you're a guy or a musty olde-aunt befuddled what to give for Christmas, Henri Bendel is your one-stop shop.  From fashionable ornaments to deliciously-scented diffusers and candles, that can be color-coordinated with any room decor.

Most people, guys, girls, men, women, and kids (we're all just big kids), go crazy over chocolates and Henri Bendel has it's own chocolate collection, already neatly wrapped and packaged in Henri Bendel's iconic brown-and-white stripes.  This scribe's fave is the solid blocks of milk chocolates and white chocolate blocks on stirring sticks to swirl into hot mugs of milk or water for fresh mugs of hot cocoa, everyone's Winter Hit.

So despite, being "Sex and the City" lifestyle store, there are some stuff for everyone at Henri Bendel.  If not, you can't be "Clueless" about what to buy for your favorite "Sex and the City" woman or girl.

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