Thursday, December 12, 2013

Quickie Christmas Stocking Stuffers that Angie Everhart & Debbie Gibson Actually Wear

By Laura Medina

Celebrities like cute stuff as much as the next person.  Gifts don't have to be outlandish expensive to be meaningful.  Angie Everhart, Debbie Gibson, and Jennifer Gimenez keep these cute keepsakes from South Hill Designs, each piece no more than $50.


Your local Sears...if you still have a Sears...have equally adorable jewelry that you can stuff in those Christmas stockings...and you can afford to do it many a times.

At your local mall, Icing carries cute and trendy accessories for your emerging fashion-forward tween and teen, all within her budget.

For those who'll be happy snapping stocking stuffers in the work cubicle, you can pick a couple at

Where to stash and carry your trinkets through the airport and the car? 

Caboodle has grown up.  They offer a many stylish train, vanity, and jewelry cases in up-to-date endurable but cute purse materials for lighter lifting and easier carrying.  They even have a clear vinyl vanity case so TSA can see your makeup and jewelry.  Actually, Caboodle's newest vanity cases make nifty retro/vintage-inspired totes and purses in today's high-tech materials and construction that your fashionista tween and teen can neatly organize her tablet, smartphone, school equipment in Caboodle's compartments, alongside her makeup.  All this at a still affordable price.

Forget stocking stuffers, present your cute fashion jewelry in an equally chic Caboodle case/tote.

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