Monday, December 9, 2013

The Eyes Have It, Smashbox's Wondervision Mega Palette...and Cheeks too, for the Holiday Travels

By Laura Medina

Tired of scrambling around hunting for the all-in-one beauty Swiss Army Knife of blush and eyeshadow that will fit every and all occasions during your holiday trip?

Smashbox's holiday limited edition Wondervision Mega Palette is the steamer trunk of beauty.  With eyeshadows that sparkle holiday glitter to subdued seduction to family-friendly naturals and paired with skin-friendly flush that mimic resort holiday bronze to winter flush, Smashbox Wondervision Mega Palette has all the eye and blush you can think of.

This scribe put together three defining looks for all sorts of irises for shopping, partying, or sun-tanning during the resort season...

This is the "Golden Russet" look, signaling the transition from Fall to Holiday in shimmering Autumn red as liner, Fall orange to add depth and contour, then a shimmering golden Citrine to glide the lids in gold foil.
This is the more elegant and mature version of the impending trend of the glittery "Disco Diva" that will be burning for next year.

Since today's kids are always hot for "vintage" or anything that is twenty to thirty years old,  kids will love today's version of  the Eighties' "Purple Rain."  Fill out the whole eye lid in Pink.  Deepen and contour the creases with Lavender then rim the eyes in deep Purple for that smokey look.

The flip side to the Seventies' "Disco Diva" is the all-natural, clean-cut, American Healthy.  This look is appropriate for that fresh flush for shopping and cooking and family & friends festivities.  Nothing outlandish but very classic and comforting.

Take all-over Beige to tan the entire lids.  Contour the creases with plain Blue then rim those peepers with Dark Blue to brighten and whiten those weary peepers, pooped out from all that shopping and cooking.  

This is the look you can live in while sipping your Starbucks coffee latte...because you deserve it.

There are way many numerous colors and textures you can get out of Smashbox's Wondervision Mega Palette, from the all-natural to all-out holiday.

The fact is is a steamer trunk of a rainbow of colors, it's less stress on you...and that's comforting.

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