Monday, December 23, 2013

The Day After Christmas, Sold on SOLD Design Lab

By Laura Medina

Coveting those super-sleek color block skinny jeans, white jeans elongating by black piping and trim?

Want that motorcycle/motocross edge without the cliche motorcycle jacket, but instead aiming for that more sophisticated, cross-stitched quilted but slenderizing black leather jeans to juxtaposing with that cozy, chunky cable-knit white sweater of the season?

Pretty in Punk
This fall, forget girly and get rocking. Go ahead, channel Sid Vicious and let your inner rebel yell.
Black tripunto leather inserts combined with SOLD’s sleek superior fit let the world know that this is one trend you were born to rock. For a grungier feel try a pair of super skinnies with a laser etched hound’s-tooth pattern and add some zig to your zag. Let your inner rocker out to play with a burgundy pair of SOHO’s featuring a functional zipper to help you unleash your inner beast.

The Tuxedo Pants morphed and evolve in SOLD Design Lab.

For a graphic take on a tuxedo pant try a monochromatic SOHO Super Skinny with a bold ruby waist. Feeling extreme? Try a pair of black skinnies with white perforated leather inserts and make a statement without uttering a word. If your looking for a bright way to wear the trend SOLD has you covered with a ruby red menswear inspired bottom with brown and tan accents.

Army Chic
This isn't baggy, saggy cargo pants of yore.

It gotten a nip, a tuck, then liposuction into slender and sleeker and sexier and hipper trousers.
Think love is a battlefield? Have no fear; SOLD Design Lab is here with the perfect piece for you to wage war in.
SOLD’s taupe skinnies with black leather inserts hug your form to perfection and salute every curve. Instead of blending in, show you’re in charge with a pair of SOHO jeans in chocolate camouflage. Not sure what your day holds? SOLD’s dark gray skinny is armed with plenty of pockets to handle any situation that comes your way.

Shimmering take on neutrals, tan and hide and leopard prints...
Gray Scale
Neutral pieces are a perennial staple in any wardrobe. This season gray takes center stage and stars as the monochromatic shade for fall.
Create a sleek sophisticated streamlined silhouette with SOLD’s Skinns and stand out while blending in. Show off your softer side with a shimmery skinny in a doe vintage frost. Feeling feisty? Simply don a SOHO Super Skinny in leopard and take a walk on the wild side.
Every true fashionista knows the best time to build up your wardrobe is the day after Christmas at the coolest boutiques, say Fred Segal that carries SOLD Design Lab.
Can't think of a more opportune time to really stock up and max out those Fall/Winter fashion, well into January, February, and March.

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