Thursday, November 21, 2013

Mick Jagger's 6Ft.3in.Girlfriend Designs Real Clothes for Real Women-Limited Time Only! L'Wren Scott for Banana Republic

By Laura Medina

"Mad Men" Christina Hendricks, on the left.  "Mad Men" Jessica Pare, on the right & Mick Jagger with L'Wren Scott sandwiched in the middle.

Ex- Thierry Mugler and Chanel and Guy Bourdin model-turned uber-Hollywood stylist, L'Wren Scott is taking the next logical leap, designing an holiday limited edition collection for Banana Republic.

Banana Republic and Vanity Fair toasted the collaboration at the legendary Chateau Marmont last Tuesday.  Her loyal celebrity clients and long-time friends showed up for support...and so did her boyfriend, Mick Jagger, The Rolling Stones' lead singer.

Her clients and friends are so happy that L'Wren is finally being known to the greater public and that her taste and style and experience are now being shared with the mass market.

L'Wren Scott, the Designer...

"It's a brand that I really related to.  I believe in Banana Republic in delivering what I believe in delivering to my customers which is great quality, reliable, timeless pieces."

"There are a lot of different pieces that you can wear, from a little pair of pajamas to a sequin dress to a fake fur bolero to a signature pair of "L" Jeans and signature prints.  That's a lot of fun.  There's handbags.  Fun gifts which I'm very excited about because it makes my life easier for shopping, thank you Banana Republic.  A lot of fun things, you'll just have to discover it."

Her go-to style rule of thumb...

"Less is More but during the holidays, More is More or More is necessary."  

Mick Jagger, L'Wren Scott's boyfriend, (remember, Mick graduated from the London School of Economics)...

"I'm here for L'Wren Scott and Banana Republic.  L'Wren Scott for Banana Republic.  L'Wren Corporation  launch for these lovely clothes, new clothes.  I think this is great.  It's like bringing L'Wren's sort of style to these kinda new colorful, kinda...very gay, know, very zesty thing for Christmas.  A lot of good colors.  I really like the silhouettes, you know, it's a really good look for a woman.  She's gonna release a lot of good colors, a lot of good jeans of color, a lot of dress colors.  There's a couple of evening dresses.  There's a really nice, slinky silver one that's really nice; and I think it's a really good collection and very good priced right."

Being long-time clients and friends, "Mad Men" actresses, Christina Hendricks and Jessica Pare knew they're the lucky few to first wear L'Wren Scott's Banana Republic pieces.  Christina wore the red sequin cardigan with the blooming roses bow-knot blouse.  Jessica Pare paired that same red sequin cardigan with the lipstick print bow-knot blouse.

Christina Hendricks...

"L'Wren is a long-time friend of mine and I wear her all the time.  I'm a huge, huge fan and I haven't seen her for awhile and we come to support her. 

Christina Hendricks is wearing the L'Wren Scott for Banana Republic Collection...

"I am, The blouse and the cardigan is from the line."

"I think they're very, very L'Wren.  They really stand true to her previous collections and who's she is as a designer.  I think she does a really nice translation of her work into Banana Republic."      

Jessica Pare...

"I'm a huge fan of L'Wren, obviously.  I love her designs and she's a wonderful person and the line she done for Banana Republic is very exciting."

"The whole collection is really gorgeous. I think it's a wonderful translation of her style and of her aesthetic to Banana Republic, so it's very exciting."


" I'm a friend of L'Wren's; and I'm here to support her new line with Banana Republic.  I'm actually wearing a piece."

"I like that they're quintessentially 'rock n' roll' pieces which I love, so I mix it with a little of my style and it can be me while also, my manager can wear.  She's loving the skirt and she's wearing it, too.

Coco Rocha...

Pointing next to L'Wren Scott, "This one here collaborated with Banana Republic and made some amazing little outfits. So yeah, I mean, if you need some sort of daywear to nightwear sort of looks; and I worked with Banana Republic a number of times to know enough that you can definitely that with them.  They're a great company where I need a few things, I can go...that's the place you go.  Now that they have that sort of line, I mean I'm wearing this tonight, dress this up with your own accessories, I'll look like a million bucks." 

 Kelly Lynch...

On what she's wearing, "It's L'Wren Scott and she's one of my girlfriend and I know her for many years since she was the girl that we all want to dress us all;  and it wasn't a surprise when she became this amazing designer."

"Well, I know it's a perfect fit.  I mean, I think Banana Republic has proven itself to be very wearable clothing company for men and women; and  I think L'Wren, surprisingly as glamorous as she is, a lot of people look great in her clothes.  I think she'll glam it up a little bit for them, you know but still, I think it's something that people will discover her great sense of body and fashion.  Some things are simple but glamorous, her clothing."

You too, can dress like these fabulous ladies of Hollywood, Hollywood's A-List who had enjoyed L'Wren Scott's tasteful glamour come December 5th,, just in time for the holidays.


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