Thursday, November 14, 2013

Kate Bosworth for TopShop & Eva Mendes for NY & Co. at Lucky FABB NY 2013 Edition

By Laura Medina

Eva Mendes for NY & Co., left. Kate Bosworth for TopShop, right.

Have you ever wondered what happened to Kate Bosworth?

Well, she got married and added a new profession onto her existing acting career, designer for TopShop.

She has an active hand in this fall's TopShop Collection.  She made the effort, from moving to London, learning and working with TopShop team, and conducting fabric, pattern, and style research.  She put a lot of emphasis on laser-cut suede trims and those leather pants in red, white, black, and metallic.

She and her husband even shot TopShop's ad campaign where they paid homage to the movie, "The Fabulous Baker Boys," a two and a half tv ad done in two weeks.  She saw this all the way through.

During her Question-&-Answer session during Lucky FABB NY, Kate said she has fashion design and retail in her blood.  Her dad and grandfather worked in retail.  She remember her dad showing her a fabric swatch then asking her what she thinks of it, so working with TopShop on a capsule collection is natural for her.

As for jealous people, a.k.a. "haters" and criticism as an actress and/or designer, Kate said that is of a moment and let it pass.

Why TopShop?  Whenever she's in London, she has to shop at TopShop because they have "of-the-moment" pieces at reasonable prices.  She thinks it's an honor to be working with them.

Reflecting on her additional role as wife and designer...

At first, she was hesitant about Vogue profiling her wedding but later, she is glad they did.  It's a family heirloom to look back on.  Kate was even more grateful that Valentino designed her gown since he is so used to calming down many a nervous brides before and after her.

When it comes to trendspotting,  nothing beats Paris for her.  Kate loves nothing more than to stand back and watch Parisian women strut by, noting how they know their scarves and style their outfits.

Kate Bosworth isn't the only actress-slash-designer at Lucky FABB NY.

In between juggling acting gigs, Eva also debut her NY & Co. Fall Collection along side Kate's TopShop Fall Collection.

When approached to help design a collection, Eva snatch every favorite piece out of her own closest then dumped everything on the table in the NY & Co.'s offices, showing them how these items inspire a collection for her.

They notice everything is vintage; and Eva said, with pride, that all her vintage pieces are from the thrift store.  As Lucky Magazine's October covergirl, she wasn't afraid to whip out a vintage belt she was wearing to show off a $3.99 price tag to the writer.

For vintage pieces that quite doesn't fit right off the rack, she takes them to a tailor to be altered. 

Her designing have to talk and listen to women.

Acting is suggestive.  Designing clothes is more objective.  Like Kate Bosworth, it has to fit.

 "You need to focus on what women need.   You really need to start on the drawing board.  I’m really excited about my Spring Collection.  Using people’s postings, I’m making my collection better and better." 

"The current Fall Collection has beautiful pastel colors.  Everyone at Lucky Magazine office loves that pink coat."

"For her upcoming Spring Collection, I love floral.  I’m happy wearing a floral pattern, something so feminine."


Even her traveling wardrobe is vintage, a large scarf will do.  On stage, she burrowed a very large scarf from the audience then twisted and knotted a turban then a headband.

For such a vintage fan, people are surprise to hear her favorite style idol is Vanessa Paradis because she can wear vintage without being a character in costume or stuck as a retro pasquinade.

As a large-footed, Cuban woman who has been joked that she can sleep standing, Eva prefer heels.  For her, it makes her legs look sexy and feminine. But, a woman has to be comfortable first and foremost, or else, it wouldn't work; and it's not worth the torture.

Now, you know what your favorite actresses are designer.

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