Friday, November 22, 2013

Kelly Osbourne, Miranda Kerry & Simon Cowell Hip Hip Hooray for Jaguar's new F-TYPE Coupe

By Laura Medina

Jaguar's F-TYPE  Coupe,

Here in Hollywood, we are in the thick of Holiday Season when celebrities come out in full force to bring holiday cheer and glitz to all.

Can't think of a better time to unleash the most glamorous category of them all...the newest and latest in luxury sport cars.

Now that November is transiting from "Movember" a.k.a. Men's Health Month into Thanksgiving then morphing in Christmas, it's the perfect time to think of "Guys' Gifts."  This is Jaguar's debut of the F-TYPE Coupe is like presenting an holiday gift to the drooling public.

What can be better than hot British babes, such as Nicholas Hoult and Jodie Kidd, paired up with Britain's sizzling new coupe, the F-TYPE Coupe.

In a spanking brand new soundstage in Play Del Rey, across the street from YouTubeLA Studios, Britain's blazing hotties are hot underneath the collar, in anticipating what the new Jaguar will look like, and most importantly, how it will perform.

Nicholas Hoult...

"We're in Los Angeles now.  I'm just here to see what's happening.  I'm really excited about the unveiling of the new F-TYPE Coupe.  I heard it's a really beautiful car.  I can't wait to see what's happening."

"We're going to unveil the new F-TYPE Coupe.  I'm very excited.  I love cars; and I like seeing things unveiled for the first time."

"I really think that this will be Jaguar back on the map, quickly as a performance car company; and a company about design."

"It's synonymous with everything English and British, beautifully designed."

 Kelly Osbourne...

"I've always been a fan of the Jaguar.  I mean, growing up in England, going to school, who's ever parent owns a Jaguar, I know they were fancy."

 Ian Callum unveiling the F-TYPE Coupe...

"We've been asked many a times, 'When's the Coupe Coming?'  ?Well, the simple answer is tonight."

"You know designing sport cars..." as the Jaguar roars up the soundstage, in front of an eager, select crowd.

Three F-TYPE Coupes in red, white, and black roaring across the stage then lined up; and Ian Callum was one of the drivers.

"All is not what it seems." Ian Callum, "After all, this is Hollywood.  Here it is, the F-TYPE Coupe!" 

"I've been asked many, many months ago...don't I want to see the car unveiled. I want to see the car moving. The PR guy asked how fast?  I said very fast.  So, we just run this car moving at 100mph, right through the audience.  It was the most spectacular thing you've ever seen."

Simon Cowell...

"First of all, we had this massive build-up in this warehouse then we thought helicopters were landing. Of course, how Hollywood; and then, this beautiful car arrives.  The white Coupe, in particular, is just stunning. As we say, 'Bloody Fantastic!" 

This scribe can't think of anything better for a Movember gift, an hot car posing with equally smoldering chicks, such as Miranda Kerr.



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