Monday, August 6, 2012

What Ryan Lochte finds sexy? A woman in a button-down shirt

By Laura Medina

In July/August issue of Women’s Health, Ryan Lochte opens up to what he finds sexy in a woman.

Tomboys and Prepsters rejoice!  He likes a woman in a button-down shirt...

"What do women look hottest in?"

“One of my long-sleeve button-down shirts and that’s all. The second hottest thing: white jeans.”

Donning your boxy hand-me-down shirts from dad, uncle, and brother wouldn't do.

What Lochte is searching for is subtle sexuality, best exemplified by the better tailored Boyfriend Shirt by Sew, following the curves of the female torso in the finest Loro Piana Italian cottons with Mother-of-Pearl buttons.  The tailoring tapers at the waist for a more feminine fit.

You can learn about The Boyfriend Shirt from a previous post, "The Boyfriend Shirt,"

Once you got the right Boyfriend Shirt, master the come-hither look...

"When you see a woman you want to meet, you . . .

Make eye contact. Some guys keep staring, but I'll give a wink and come back later, because it keeps her thinking."

Now that this swimming feud with Michael Phelps has settled, what one power Lochte wishes he has...

"What confuses you about the opposite sex?"

"It's impossible to know what they're thinking. If I could have one superpower, I'd be like Mel Gibson in What Women Want, where he reads women's minds."

Ryan is a fashionista and sneaker freak out of the pool.  So much so, he lent his footwear fetish to Speedo's Limited Edition Sandals Collection.., so what's his take on style?

"You're very stylish. How important is it for a guy to have fashion sense?"

"Really important--it's how your personality comes out. I don't have a set style, but I try not to dress like everyone else."

If you want to fulfill your Ryan Lochte crush, read more here on

Lochte Fever!



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