Monday, August 20, 2012

Le French Fashion Truck Coming to You Soon, the TransAtlantic French Fashion Tour 2012.

By Laura Medina

If you are one of the lucky select to trendspot at MAGIC/PROJECT/POOL then hit the devilish but oh so freakin' fun parties at the hottest nightclubs at the hottest casinos/resorts, French fashion designers are at MAGIC's doorsteps right now at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Since MAGIC/PROJECT/POOL is all about giving fresh, emerging designers their first break while keeping every city's and town's trendiest boutique uber-fresh, this is an opportune time to shop and spotlight France's newest and brightest talents.

Mind you, this isn't about the big brands already domineering the global marketplace, such as Dior and Chanel, design houses born hundred years ago, now established.

Nope. For the Brooklyn-based, now on the road, TransAtlantic, the exclusive wholesaler of French luxury brands, is going on the road to bring French fashion and culture across America.

What great combination-an All-American Air Streamer Van, stocked with the freshest and the newest French fashion, making the All-American, cross-country road trip.

It's the TransAtlantic French Fashion Tour 2012!

For Jean-Baptiste Langlais, the founder of TransAtlantic Showroom, this tour hits two birds with one stone.

First, as a Brooklyn-based showroom, he noticed that nobody visits Brooklyn when everyone is fully booked with runway shows and other appointments in the Big Apple of Manhattan during the chic, crazy New York Fashion Week.

Mr. Langlais thought bringing the French Fashion Truck to where the masses are, as in MAGIC right now until August 23rd, is a kind and convenient gesture to the busy buyers and excited writers.

Plus, the concept of hitting the road is a great way to learn about America and the various American marketplaces in different cities.

Again for those shopping MAGIC/PROJECT/POOL, the French Fashion Truck is already there until August 23rd.

For those who are extremely luck to hit the jackpot and attending New York Fashion Week, Jean-Baptiste and the French Fashion Truck will be there for you.

Here are the French Fashion Truck Tour Dates...

TransAtlantic Road Trip Schedule

August 10-13 San Francisco

August 14-17 Los Angeles

August 19-23 MAGIC, Las Vegas

August 24-25 Aspen

August 26-28 Dallas

August 29-30 Austin

September 1-4 Miami

September 5-6 Atlanta

September 7-12 New York City

September 13-15 Chicago

Regardless, Jean-Baptiste is nice guy...and a really cute, good-looking guy.

It never hurts to drop by and say "hi" to him and those fresh French fashion.

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heather said...

Awesome! So glad he'll be in Austin! Thanks for sharing!