Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Alan Cummings & Sam Trammell show their Love for Kiehl's Manhattan Beach Grand Opening

By Laura Medina

Alan Cumming, actor, The Good Wife-left. Chris Salgardo, President, Kiehl’s USA-middle.  Sam Trammell, actor, True Blood-right.

Kiehl's used their grand Manhattan Beach opening as great, one-off fundraiser for Project Angel Food, where Kiehl’s and co-hosts Alan Cumming and Sam Trammell will pledge a donation of 1% of all 2012 purchases from Kiehl’s Manhattan Village to benefit the charity that cooks and delivers fresh meals to those stricken with HIV/AIDS and, women, and children.

Project Angel Food's CEO, Margaret Steele was on hand to celebrate the opening, along with Alan, Sam, and Chris, for the ribbon-cutting ceremony, making Kiehl's the official member of the community.

For local Manhattan Beach government officials and Mayor, City of Manhattan Beach, Wayne Powell,
this was a big deal.  Hollywood Glamour descended upon their beach-chic, small town. 

Star-struck locals and local Kiehl's fans lined early for this rare star-studded event.  the first 50 guests to arrive after 11:00 AM on August 17 received a complimentary Creme de Corps 4.2 oz and a Lip Balm #1.

The glam-slammed locals were really impressed by the free gourmet lunch buffet.  The free facials went non-stop for three hours.

But let's get to the important things, what Kiehl's products Alan and Sam use....
A man who makes Crocs fashionable with Summer-friendly cropped trousers, "The Good Wife's" Alan Cumming said it was like making Sophie's Choice in trying to pick which one is his favoritie Kiehl's goodie.

He starts off with the Ultra Facial Cream but he loves, how with five drop of the Midnight Recovery Concentrate at night, makes his face all smooth and tanned.

Alan may say he's beyond gender but actually, he's camera-ready when he dabs tinted Lip Balm SPF 15 on his lips.

Filming out on the bayou can be harsh on a man's face.  HBO's "True Blood" Sam Trammell can't survive the heat and the sun unless he has his Kiehl's sunscreen on hand at all times.  "My face gets dry all the time and it has sunscreen."

Now, you know.  Alan gets camera-ready with Midnight Recovery Concentrate at night-to look all tanned-then tops his lips with tinted Lip Balm SPF 15.  Sam protects and nourishes his skin with Kiehl's sunscreen.

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