Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine and Oscar Tips for Your Lips

By Laura Medina

Keisha Whitaker, one-half of the duo, Kissable Couture Cosmetics.

Wife of acclaimed actor, Forest Whitaker, and soccer mom of three kids, Keisha Whitaker is the face and the half of the duo of Kissable Couture, with her business partner and makeup artist, AJ Crimson.

With husband, Forest, friends, and the kids showing up for moral support, Ms. Whitaker wore Chris Lipgloss for her Ron Robinson Apothia appearance today.

She was always a big lipgloss girl. Bonne Bell lipgloss was her favorite growing up.

Confronted with an array of lipglosses that were too sticky, smelled odd, did not have enough color staying power, or did not have lip-smacking durability, she and her makeup artist buddy, AJ Crimson have to solve these set of problems. Plus, the colors in her lipgloss line has to be suitable for all skin tones.

Kissable Couture was whipped up four years ago and it became a beauty insider's mainstay.

They focus on the quality, not the star-power of Keisha's role as Forest Whitaker's wife, of the product. The pigment was opaque enough to impart color, durable enough to stay on, moisturizing enough for one or two swipes, yet the gloss was light and not sticky.

AJ Crimson, one-half of Kissable Couture and makeup artist.

After establishing itself as a premiere lipgloss brand, they felt it was the right time to gradually expand and diversify with a eyeshadow palette and a set of blushes.

Keisha will tell you, first and foremost, she is a soccer mom. She was late arriving to her own store appearance because she just finished traveling with a sinus irritation and got done shopping for Valentine's decoration.

As a busy mom, all she needs a swipe of a gloss and a sweep of blush she can dot on her cheeks, nose, and forehead. She also said the blush will be brick of shimmery tones that can also be used as eyeshadow. That is all a busy mom needs, a lipgloss and blush/eyeshadow.

Her business partner, Mr. Crimson, is not a busy mom. Therefore, he can elaborate more on the which Kissable Couture gloss will on the red carpet of the Oscars, which one will be the lipgloss of the season, and trend of Spring and Summer.

One gloss that will transition elegantly from Valentine's Day to Oscar's red carpet is the red rose of Fantasies, the collection's reddest gloss. The reference to Valentine's is obvious but Mr. Crimson explains why Fantasies will make appearance on Oscar.

The Academy Awards, aka The Oscars, is the most conservative and the most formal of the tent pole award shows. The classic red of Fantasies fits that bill but the formula is meant to keep moist and durable under the glare of cameras and hours of acceptance speeches followed by a circuit of parties.

Once the Awards Season finishes up with the Oscars, Spring has finally commenced which means floral colors.

Mr. Crimson forecast Peony as the color of the season.

He also picks Hyacinth as the alternative to Peony for Spring and Summer.

Fitting, since they were inspired by Keisha's trip to France with her friends and family.

Watching the flowers bloom gave her the idea to her latest additon, Le Fleur.

However, stay tuned to the upcoming eyeshadow palettes and blushes.

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