Monday, February 21, 2011

Tracey Reese goes Bold & Deep

By Laura Medina

The usually demure lady designer, Tracey Reese, has detoured for Fall 2011 into deep terrorities then went bold with patterns and prints.

The Seventies, specifically Seventies Paris, current runs through Ms. Reese's Fall 2011 Collection, too.

The mannish-Yves Saint Laurent of the liberated Seventies marched on in strong window-paned checkered pants suits or bold black and white swirls maxi-tunics belted with bohemian tooled leather belts.

Ms. Reese's take on Seventies Parisian chic is wearable and accessible with interchangeable pieces.

A fur-trimmed sweater, pussy-bowed blouse and slimming sailor trousers, on the left.

On the right, the embroidered ivory silk, off-shoulder peasant blouse over the utilitarian black leggings. Everything in these photos are interchangeable with ease. Maxing out your wardrobe with two outfits. Done deal.

Ms. Reese has not abandoned her ladylike ways.
The prim and proper swiss dot made itself known in several pieces, from the black tulle wrap top through the shimmy shift dress with ruffles to a delicate overlay in gray.
Tracey Reese has gone bolder and richer, with a touch of Seventies sex appeal.

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