Monday, February 21, 2011

Rebecca Taylor does Disco Gypset

By Laura Medina

One of the sketches for Rebecca Taylor Fall 2011.
New York Fashion Week designers have moved on from the late Sixities Hippiness to the more luxe and more lavishly louche of the jet-setting bohemians who treasure the private reserve of a remote island one day then jetting off to a Parisian disco the next night.
Much has been said about "Rustic Americana" stomping the catwalk during last week's New York Fashion Week but overlooked but prominent trends have stride in: the Seventies, Disco, and Paris. Specifically, Paris during the Seventies, Yves Saint Laurent and infamous photographer and Helmut Newton's lady-in-waiting, Guy Bourdin.
Another overlooked influence, based on the prolifteration of fur cropped jackets and flowy bohemian dresses and blouses in whimsical prints-Hollywood's power stylist, Rachel Zoe.

Ms. Zoe must be the subconscious muse of Fall 2011 since her signature ensemble of fur and Seventies silks were sighted on the runways for numerous designers.
Her style is the most accesible since finding a fur jacket or coat, preferably a faux one, is the key piece that ties the whole outfit together.

Ms. Taylor's smokey tone reflects another trend to richer, deeper, and decadent palette of luscious plums and chocolates.
She said she was inspired by the Parisian night clubs in the Seventies, dark discos illuminated by the disco ball's twinkle.

Rich, smoldering shearling, beading over delicate printed dresses, and glimmering lurex sweaters and knits.
Another inspiration is an equally Seventies-and current concept-recycling.
Ms. Taylor incorporated remaining fabrics from her previous collections then assembles them into a chic patchwork. Less hippy. More Gypset.

Don't be surprised if some these luxe jet-set boho outfits crop up in "Gossip Girl" especially for Brooklyn Bohemian Vanessa or resident vixen, Michelle Trachtenberg, who sat at Ms. Taylor's show.
Speaking of the Gypset, Ms. Serena van der Woodsen can pull off one of those patchwork tunics-alone-with aplomb.

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