Friday, February 18, 2011

GRAMMY Gift Round-Up

By Laura Medina

Ok folks, this is the GRAMMY Gifting round up.

The first one up is the official GRAMMY Gifting Lounge where vendors assemble products and inventions that singers and performers can actually use rehearsing and/or warming up before the big, live performance.

Ok, most of the stuff is cool enough to use everyday.

Cee-Lo Green, above, gravitate towards Case Mate, where fellow musicans had their cases customized for anything, from Cee-Lo's notebook/laptop to Ipad and Iphone with Do-It-Yourself technology where they had their images or logos printed on the cases.

The Case Mate was the busiest stand under the gifting tents.

Another popular booth was the Morrocan Oil Haircare table where performers are provided with a haircare package in a cute sky blue and white vinyl suitcase. This is where the latest Morrocan Hair product made its debut, helping the musicans get ready for the red carpet...Glimmer Shine Spray where the nominees' hair can glisten and shine and be frizz-free under the popping flashes.

AJ Crimson & singer, Estelle.
The real blast before the bang was Uptown Magazine/AJ Crimson of Kissable Couture's GRAMMY Beauty Lounge.
The last hours leading to the big awards ceremony can be stress-inducing.
Being the gentleman that he is, Mr. Crimson and Uptown Magazine defuse the pressure then help getting the ladies and gentlemen relax then get primp and prompt for the big event and slamming afterparties.
The best of specialists in hairstyling, beauty, manicure, and message therapy were all gathered in a chic but intimate lounge where attendees begin their afternoon with tea, coffee, and mimosas.
The beauty treatment starts with a sleep-inducing back and hand message. Thank god for the coffee. It continues onto the manicure where both ladies and gentlemen get poshed and polished then onto Ja'Maal Buster, the Eyelash Guru to the stars, efficiently and gently gluing the most glamorous eyelashes. Then, the ladies move onto makeup, kindly provided by Kissable Couture and made up by the man himself, Mr. Crimson, and his staff. Finally, the attendees get their coif pouf by a hairstylist.
Now, the GRAMMY Awards is one of the big society events as it is an award of achievement. The process of getting professional done is as big as any social event since attendees ask each other which party which one is going to after the show.
Do not feel like you missed out on the guest list. The glamour of the GRAMMY still lingers on at Ron Robinson where they just added the new GRAMMY tee-shirt line, reasonably priced at $48.
You don't have to be a rockstar to feel special. You can have some of the GRAMMY with you.
Now, this the current round-up of the GRAMMY Gifting and Primping suite.
Wait next year for more goodies.

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