Monday, February 28, 2011

Target's Greatest Hits Reissued

By Laura Medina

It's been five years since Target took a risk and plucked the emerging designers off the vine. Some fresh from design school. Others on the horizon, ready to take off. Then, asked them to design a limited-edition capsule for their GO International Designer Collective.

There was a lot of hope and wishing and hand-wringing for reasonably price but stylish edition became an insider's secret, building up a devoted cult-following that have fashionistas panting with anticipation.

To celebrate these five years of cult hits and instant vintage treasures, Target culled through the data and the archives and brought back the biggest hits from each collection.

They selected the biggest hits, accumulating into a sizeable 34 dress collection that is going to hit March 13th. Like any other limited edition collection, it's seasonal, disappearing by April 10th.

They may be reissued hits but they're on point on what is current right now.

Another reason why they are re-released, to great fan fare, Target's GO International Designer Collective has proven to provide classic dresses, coats, and tops that had proven to be instant vintage finds that had reached hundreds and thousands of dollars on the vintage resale circuit, long after the collection has been off the market.

Think of this reissue as a redo, a second chance to grab proven classics that can be worn again and again for those special occasions.

With prolifteration of blush on the red carpet and the whispers from Los Angeles' top stylists, blush isn't shying away from Spring any time soon.

The folks at Target must had figured that because they included, in their greatest hits collection, a Rodarte peach-blush satin number that is ripe for the red carpet.

Rodarte is behind "Black Swan"s rhinestone-festooned black feathered bustier, tutu, and headdress.

Another uncanny inclusion is Erin Fetherston's rocking cute Bunny Print Dress, in time for Easter. This was way before her guest collaboration on Juicy Couture's Holiday Collection.

With Spring, comes flowers and florals. This is much to be expected. Before he became a household name outfitting First Lady Michelle Obama, Thakoon Panichgul developed line for Target two years ago in 2009.
This Thakoon gathered dress in bold cyber floral print is still fresh today as it was two years ago.

Recent releases, such as Tucker, to the earliest contributors, Jovovich-Hawk, there are a bounty of floral tunics and dresses to flower a closest, from prim and proper to hippy-bohemian.
Of course, there is always the crisp and classic Black and White. From fragile swiss dots tulle overlays to bold graphics on a sheath dress, there's a dress for everybody.
Now, take advantage of this redo before this disappears as well.

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