Saturday, February 12, 2011

Grammy Nominees Using the latest and newest in Skincare Technology

By Laura Medina

The talent and celebrities are not the only stars making their appearances at the official 2011 Grammy Gifting Suite at the Staples Center.

The nominees are receiving then using the latest and the most innovative technology in skincare.

Singers are human beings too. They get sinus infections and irritations and sore throats, just like everyone else-except, they get right before their performances, right before they hit the stage, right before they are aired live on television.

The people behind MyPurMist say it has been traditional for singers to ease up and clean their vocal cords by hovering over a steaming tea pot or dunking themselves in a hot bath so the steam vapors can disinfect and warm up their throats while loosening up the phlegm dragging down their vocal cords.

Now, these MyPurMist folks came up with a better contraption-the MyPurMist, a handheld/stand-up tube with a switchable nozzle, one is a face mask to disinfect and warm up the sinuses and vocal cords. The next nozzle will be screw-on facial brush that you can scrub with gentle steam.

The people behind the technology say the vocal cords are made up of the same tissue as the sinuses. In other words, if your sinuses are messed up, so are your vocal cords. The mucus build-up are what drag the cords down. If you are a Grammy-nominated singer going to sing live, this spells trouble.

MyPurMist is the neater and easier method to cleaning up the interior gunk in your respiratory system. You don't have to pour in a gallon of water, just a small amount to get the job done.

A few minutes of breathing in and breathing out the steam is all it takes. Even a mere mortal can speak clearly with ease because the steam clears away the mucus while warming up the vocal cords. You will sound eloquently like a newscaster.

Another state-of-art skincare technology Grammy nominees will be using for the red carpet-and their close-ups is directly from Japan-Plosion Carbonated Mist Care Portable Spray and Airbrush.
While the average Jane-and Joe are just getting used to airbrushed makeup foundation, blush, and eyeshadow, cosmetic scientists came up with something better for your skin-airbrush moisturizer.
As in traditional airbrushing, there is a motorized pump that spray fine mists from a small jar, through a nozzle.
Instead of paint or makeup, it is liquid lotion of pure nano collagen and hyaluronic acid nano-molecules for easier absorption into the skin. For cleaner delivery, it is better to spray with an even coating than smearing it into the palms of your hands.
For those on the go-like these Grammy nominees-Plosion graciously thought of a portable spray with refillable cartridges filled with the same collagen and hyaluronic acid lotions for a quick spritz and touch-up.
These are some of the secrets to getting red carpet ready-best and latest in skincare technology.

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