Monday, August 2, 2010

Which "Royale Soliel de Fashion" is now in hiding in the underground's protective darkness, shielding from the authories after building a reputation for abdandoning manufacturers then switching them as he reaps the rewards in millions?

He built an image and a lifestyle of a modern-day Versaille-and people loved it.

Now, his courtiers are either being escourted by the government or hustling back to the Mother Country.

His sly operations left a lot of people in tears, considering this is also their love ones.

Others weren't surprised by this one. They assume he'll take a breather and recoup.

Folks assume his closings are another sign of the economy but admirers still pump money into the image, more popular than ever.

Give or take a few years, this royale will pop up again in a different form in another country.

However, it is doubtfully this particular sauve will set foot in this country again.

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