Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Body Wash to Clean Summer's Grime Away

By Laura Medina
Ron Robinson's Apothia Hand & Body Wash in Casa

If Summer's Heat Wave has your sweat glands working over time and you're sick of being covered in sticky grime from head to toe, here are some light and quick body washes effective enough to cut through the filth. These fruity cleansers are reflective of Summer and they'll leave your body refreshed with a light scent.

A Malibu beach house in an ocean-blue pump bottle, Ron Robinson's Apothia Casa Hand & Body Wash gives you a sea foamy scent and feel thanks to its paraben and sulfate reside-free solution. Glucose, apricot kernel oil, oat and coconut oil wash away the dirt while leaving the skin smooth. The sweet almond protein, aloe vera, coconut oil, and vitamin E give moisture to dehydrated, over-heated skin. Casablanca lilies impart a light beach scent. These are all contained in a romantic and breezy light, ocean blue bottle with a soft, thick rubber opaque band for a slip-free grip in the shower, the bathroom/kitchen sink or for soaking in the tub.

You can order it at for $28 or go visit the actual Apothia boutique on Melrose and Crescent Heights in Hollywood.

Here are some other refreshingly, fruity washes if you can make it to Hollywood.

These Neutrogena Acne Washes are available in the majority of mass retailers and drugstores. They come with their own coupons or the stores offer their own coupons, discounts, and sales on these. Enough to buy one for the face and another for the body, especially if you have a tween or a teen or all both when their bodies are breaking out during the Summer. Poor things.

Both carry salicylic acid to acne, face or body. But from here on out, it is up to the teen to pick which one she or he or they like.

Obviously, girls and girls-at-heart prefer the Pink Grapefruit Facial Cleanser due its pink color and the sweet fruity scent of grapefruit. The added boost of vitamin C perks up the senses.

For those who prefer a more subtle scent and subdued tint or for those lucky enough to suffer from both acne and heat-induced flare-ups from sensitive skin burning from the sun, Redness Soothing Facial Cleanser eases everything with aloe vera and chamomile without drying the skin while reducing redness for a more gentle but no less effective at cutting down on both blackheads, pimples, and flare-up blemishes.

Now, you have your picks from the exquisite (save that for yourself or your boss or your mother-in-law) to the more everyday (buy these for the tween and teen in your life because they need it), there is something for everyone.

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