Monday, August 2, 2010

Erge Outlet Shop, Accessible Antropologie at Mini Antropologie Prices

Frank Quijada, Erge's Founder & Designer

After working for big time causal cool tee-shirt companies, from shipping to production to everything there is underneath the sun, Frank Quijada sensed it was time to cater to the causal, hip woman who wants or needs something extra special at the same cool causal prices. His gut feeling was an urge but some other company has that name. By simply changing the first letter but retaining the same craving for something fashion-forward but cute-with an edge, Mr. Quijada titled his own creation, Erge.

After proving itself well on the celebritiy-style central at Lisa Kline on Robertson Boulevard and both Fred Segal Melrose and Santa Monica, Mr. Quijada felt it was time to give his clothes their own home in a neighborhood where the fashion-focused but cost-conscious girls live, the Erge Outlet Boutique in Sunset Junction, on 1404 Micheltorena St. in Los Angeles' trend-conceiving Silverlake/Sunset Junction.

Mr. Quijada's business partner, David Charles Keeton, describes this outpost, "a mini-Athropologie at mini-Athropologie prices."

The Erge Boutique

He aims to make women feel good about themselves in a fashion forward way as his clothes evolve with them.

Mr. Quijada have gotten to the point where he can, now, research his own fabrics and develop different blends for unique finishes and the best quality in fit and comfort.

By locating the pulse, he figures what the next trend is and where it is heading.

The current crop to fashion tops.
Made in America, made in Los Angeles, his team is moving forward into wovens, mixing them in with the knits.
Mr. Quijada admits he started with what he knew best-cute tees in stretch jersey knits but now is moving onto wovens as his company evolves and matures with his customers seeking more elegant clothes.

The unassuming but insight designer, "We haven’t completely abandon our upscale casual roots but this is an addition to. This is what Erge is all about-growing."
Erge also offers a sister line of kidswear for the tweens and young teens, seven to fourteen years-olds.
As a trends "anthropologist," Mr. Quijada likes traveling to different markets around the country and study what the contemporary woman, across the board, wants. "Hitting all the right spots, that’s what we’re trying to do."
For a man who immigrated from El Salvador, fifteen years ago, then immensed himself into education, he always has the "Erge" to learn and grow.

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by Ambrosia and Epiphany said...

love that he is doing his own thing..nothing like working for yourself and following your passion...more people should follow their gut.