Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Desperately Seeking Madonna's & Lola's Material Girl Launch with Taylor Momsen

By Michelle Zimmerman, NY Correspondent
Edited by Laura Medina, Editor In Chief
Macy's Pink Carpet and Cupcakes for Material Girl's Launch.

There has been hoopla and alarms about Eighties style and fashion making the return to fashion.

But leave it to the original Material Girl aka Madonna to do it right, then have her daughter retool it to the new crop of Material Girls with twentieth-first century attitude and have hip and cool "Gossip Girl"s Taylor Momsen to be the embodiment of the new Material Girl Collection, exclusively at Macy's.

Even if it weren't for the star and her offspring or Taylor, the smart styling at even wiser pricing have fans and fashionistas lining up for miles and miles at the ground central of a nationwide launch, at Herald Square in the heart of Midtown Manhattan.

There were off-shoots of the Material Girl Collection launches dotting here and there at various Macy's, such at South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa and Glendale Galleria in California but there is the one and only main launch-Herald Square.

The crowd frenzy was so intense that the first 200 shoppers attack and grab the "Early Eighties New Wave meets Hollywood Sequinned Glamour" shorts, tops, dresses, bandeaus, and leggings like limited run candy.

Boy, Madonna and Lola did not disappoint.

The "Material Girl's" Ensembles. Ms. Zimmerman bought the dress, lower right.

This editor-in-chief remembers when Madonna's "Material Girl" gear were rare thift store, vintage finds and too risque for the junior high set when it first appeared some twenty-five years ago; and the Eighties tween girls had to made do with black rubber bangles because they were the only Madonna accessory accessible and affordable, back in those days.

Now, the daughters of the Eighties Junior High Set have the privilege of dressing up in downtown gear at wholesome surburban prices that have their mothers nodding approvally. Gee, those mothers wish they had this when the original Material Girl Look first came around.

The reporter, Ms. Michelle Zimmerman, was bowed over by the cute graphics, prints, trims, and construction. She was even more impressed by the cuter price points. The black-and-white striped dress punch up with bold florals at $15 won her over. The outfit in the center picture is another outfit Ms. Zimmerman recommends, pretty haute couture streetwear.

Madonna knows whom she's catering to, the tween and teen sets who want a complete look with interchangeable pieces for under $100. In other words, girls like Lourdes.

Material Girl gives Target's Limited Edition Designer Series a run for their money.

The shoppers are just happy they can find some eye-arresting items in a decent department store atmosphere, this isn't a mass, economic big box setting.

Making the event even sweeter, Macy's offered receive a free bandeau top from the“Material Girl” collection and a $10 gift card valid only on August 3 for the first 200 customers, who waited in the early hours, perhaps the night before, for the 10 am official opening.

Can't forget. This is prime Back-To-School shopping season when mothers force their kids to shop. Madonna, that sharp woman, is a mama who wants her kid to look sharp when they return to school.

Madonna impersonators, Camille Terry and Elaine Chez, lend a "Desperately Seeking Susan" flair to the festivities and Madonna models served platters of "Material Girl" cupcakes to sugar-happy shoppers.
Shoppers are encouraged to arrive dressed in their Madonna best at Macy’s between 10 AM and 11 AM for a chance to win a t-shirt signed by Madonna.

Proving this is the one and only main launch, later that afternoon as a gift to fans and shoppers, Macy's treated them to a super-exclusive, unique debut of "Material Girl" muse, Taylor Momsen concert showcasing her singing and music, making this event even more special.
As an extra bonus, shoppers who make a $50 “Material Girl” purchase will had the opportunity to meet and have their photo taken with Ms. Taylor.
Ms. Zimmerman hinted of another Material Girl event next month in September...Stay tuned to The Arriviste for that....

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