Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Matte, Dry, & Refined Sunscreen, Powder, & Retinol Cloths

Matte for Men Sunscreen SPF 25 to dry up the skin.
Lee Jacobs is a married young man with a flair for fashion, working in the fashion and beauty business whose sleek bald head was burning in the Arizona sun.
Piqued and frustrated by the lack of quality sunscreen and sunblock that are too sticky, too gluey, and too thick, using his beauty industry knowledge, he concocted a batch of sunscreen that is dry to the touch without dehydrating the delicate skin of the scalp and ear lobes.
Matte for Men is for guys like him, burning and sweating underneath the desert and summer sun. Protection from the rays and a relief to the skin.
The oatmeal in the formula soaks up the sweat and oil. The ensulizole and octinoxate shields the skin from the sun. Aloe Leaf, green tea, and grape seed fortifies the skin cells with antioxidants.
Its powder dry texture on the skin was such a hit that wives, sisters, moms, and girlfriends are stealing it for themselves.
Not bad since Lee made sure it's fragrance-free and clean enough to be unisex despite the brand's name.

Regardless of the name, Man Body, both genders fell in love with his follow-up for the sweat-stricken, the corn starch, baking soda, and aloe enriched, talc-free body powder with a clean, unisex scent.
Retinol and Vitamin A enriched Complete Cleasing Cloths.
Knowing men like him are constantly in demand, Lee was looking for a complete skincare routine in one swipe. He doused his pre-moistened cleansing wipes with retinol, vitamin A, and collagen in alcohol-free tissues. Less need for carrying tubes and bottles of serum and cream, they're all in one wipe.
No wonder women fell in love with this line.

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