Saturday, August 28, 2010

Cynthia Rowley Fall 2010, Lighter Side of Lady Gaga

The next stop for Cynthia Rowley in Sunset Junction/Silver Lake on September 2.
The Cynthia Rowley Truck is setting Southern California ablaze.
Right now, this weekend, Revolve Clothing Boutique on 8452 Melrose Ave., tucked away in Taste Restaurant's parking lot.
An ideal spot for the truck to park and party with margaritas, assorted cocktails and a DJ.
It landed yesterday and it will be there today and Sunday from 12pm to 5pm then it is onto 3801 Sunset Blvd. and as one of the many highlights, it'll park right front of California Mart on Ninth Street during Los Angele's Fashion Night Out.
Like they said, Cynthia Rowley "Shop on Wheels" comes to you, wherever you are in greater Los Angeles.

Cynthia Rowley girls modeling the hottest pieces from Fall 2010 Collection.

If today at Revolve or in Sunset Junction or at Cal Mart in downtown's Garment District, you will get a taste of Ms. Rowley's current Fall 2010 collection, homage to Lady Gaga's "Little Monsters."

Her girls call this Ms. Rowley's exploration of the dark side of beauty, a break from the conventional and the predictable.

Not the monsters of Old Hollywood like Frankenstein or Dracula but more like the adorable and quirky but loveable Seasame Street monsters or characters like Cookie Monster, Elmo, and Big Bird.

Other than the current hot palette of rich purple, classic black, deep navy blue in lightweight tulle and chiffon, Rowley added trims, from these cute monsters, black lace, ostrich feathers dipped in ombre gray, blue, and black. The body, torso, and legs wrapped in deep violet grosgrain satin ribbons in camisole tops, cocktail dresses, and really cool trousers. Due to the bia-weaved nature of the grosgrain ribbons, they cannot help wrap around the curves without giving a hint of peek-a-boo cutouts on the waist, hips, and legs.

Suggestive not slutty. Tantalizing not trashy.

With Ms. Rowley delving in the "dark side," her current collection is fun and funky.

Borrowing from Lady Gaga, the rainbow-hued fringes to the neckline over a sheer black top, better to show off your dance movement.

The deep Ocean Blue grosgrain ribbon trousers and rich purple ribbon top.
Working with bias-weaved nature of the ribbons, Ms. Rowley discovered the naughty but nice peek-a-boos at the knee caps and the hips.

Giving us a light-hearted look at darkness while giving us a give at the joints for easier movement.

If the intent was a wearable version of Lady Gaga's theaterical gear, what resulted was something fun and funky, hip casual, contemporary with a serious color palette.

Seriously cool for Lower East Side/Chelsea bars and nightclubs but funky enough for West Hollywood/Hollywood hot spots.

Another highlight was the spangled and sequined bloomers, when worn, gives a graciful, draped appearance of an ultra mini-skirt. Again, a suggestion of sexiness when the construction is actually modest. Many a girl went "GaGa" over it.

The Cynthia Rowley Truck will pop over all over town, leading up to Los Angeles Fashion's Night Out. The kind folks at the Mayor's Press Conference mention it is one of the highlights during the festivities. Catch while you can!

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