Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Stretch and Pull, It's all in the Finger Tips,Raquel Allegra

By Laura Medina

Fall Collection

While at Barneys Beverly Hills, a Northern California girl from Berkley, California, decided to revisit her hippie, eco-friendly childhood skills out of boredome and started to pick, pull, and stretch worn-out cotton-polyster tees into something so fragile, so cob web, so lacey and so instrinct, that people can't believe it's all in the finger tips.

Fall Collection

First, buyers at Barneys caught it then Maxfield wanted it. She took vintage, old tees then repurpose them into something ethereal. Through her own technique and sense of placing, her creations like they are mixed-media stitched from mismatched fabrics but they're not. Still one of the same garment but manipulated into asymetrical shapes and lace. They are still great sellers at her old workplace, Barneys but demand grew so much that Raquel has to start her own company.

Interestedly, eco-minded or just plain sly, she would go through bundles and barrels of used-up prisoner tees at the Los Angeles Correctional Center. Once the prisoners have stretched and broken the uniform tees, they would throw them out as soon they get a fresh supply of tee-shirts.

For Raquel, it's a goldmine of already and naturally worn fabric that has already been pulled into softness and comfort without being chemically-treated. Since prisoner tees are rotated on a schedule, she used to collect them on a seasonally basis then machine-wash them before she works her magic on them, transforming them into delicate, cobweb lace.

Fall Collection
Well, the demand has out grown the seasonal prison tee-shirt replacements and disposal, forcing Allegra to outsource fabrications to her own standards. She also add on five more people and taught them her secret craft to help her catch up with the growing fan base.
Since the creations are diaphaous as they are mystical and comfy, plus she loves layering, Allegra added underpinnings for concealment, jersey lace bandeau bralettes and tanks.

This gave her the chance to expand and experiment with leather triangle bikini bras and tops and shift dresses in lightweight deerskin, and slip dresses with lace hem. She always meant her line to layer everything on top of each other.
With funds and freedom from a prosperous business, Raquel is able to develope two lines: lower price, The Basics and high end line is her own namesake, Raquel Allegra.
The high end line is the push and pull and stretch asymmetrical tees into tunics and scarves. Collection fabrics also include cashmere, leather, washed silk and lace for fall 2010.
Spring Collection is about flesh tones.and hand dyed prints ( tie-dye) not your typical pattern. For fall 2010, print is brushstroke and a burnout called devore.
Then for Fall Collection: deep brown, gray, aubergine, black, she always designs in neutrals.
Since color scheme is muted, you layer various components from the Spring and Fall collections and no longer be a prisoner of fashion or the seasons.
However, her people suggest you hand wash these fine creations for upkeep.

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