Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Catherine Malandrino, Womanly Forte

By Laura Medina

A capsule of Catherine Malandrino's Sudanese & Saharan Collections.
Catherine is all about muliebrity, the unique strength of womanhood, of being a grown woman. It proves that you don’t have to be infantile girlish into order to be feminine.
A strong woman. Catherine reaches out to you as an individual. Through draping and detailing, each piece is art and great to put on. Each woman is an individual. Each piece drives you to be an inspirational woman.

Whenever a woman wears a Catherine Malandrino outfit, people do compliment which infuses confidence in a woman. Not only do men compliment the wearer but women also compliments with admiration. Based on experience, every time you go out wearing a Catherine Malandrino outfit, you are guaranteed to receive a compliment. It drives you to be inspirational day-to-day.Catherine’s clothes complement. They don’t compete. No bickering. Fellowship through admiration. As a designer, she’s not competitive. She competes within herself. She has love for what she does. She stays strong to her vision, not attempting to steal or copy everybody else. Her integrity to stay true to who she is and what she is, women find this very inspiring. She knows who she is and loves who she is.

A sampling of her Peruvian & Polynesian Collections for this Spring/Summer.

It’s all about being that strong woman.

When it comes to her training and learning in draping from working at Emanuel Ugaro and studying Madame Vionnet, her tailoring innovations ten years ago, the chunky bejeweled bib necklines/necklaces, intricate peek-a-boo cut-outs, and the tastefully yet sensual deep necklines with figure-enhancing draping may be de rigueur today among LA’s trendy designers. But, she sparked it then made them her trademark. Sticking true to luxury.

The best way to describe Catherine, is she's a Parisian woman who soaked American's vitality and freedom. More than a love of Americana. More of a feeling. Based on NY’s energy with Paris’ sensuality.

By using NY’s creativity, energy, and America’s freedom while sticking true to her Parisian roots, this gives her the confidence to do what she does without fear-“I’m here and I’m gonna do what I do best.”

Crafty draping, plunging necklines in matte jersey knits or the billowy halter top with the bibb, bejeweled necklace/line may be the tried and true Los Angeles style today but when Catherine expanded to trend birth spot of West Hollywood Plaza almost ten years ago, through her extensive Parisan couture training and adjusting to LA's sunnier and warmier but active climate and more feminitely glamourous culture, she was the first. Folks had never seen before. Now, it's the standard bearer of Hollywood Casual Glam.

It’s suggestive and sensual but not revealing. From the top couturiers, she learned the skill of artful concealment. Embracing a woman’s femininity. Not androgynous. Even with menswear-inspired garments, there is still a degree of being pretty. It’s all about women, finding what they love, and expressing their individuality. She wants to make sure her pieces are well-made enough that a woman can just slip on a fabulous piece then run off living her life without worrying about it.

You don’t need a lot of accessories to dress up her pieces because the details speak for themselves.

What’s nice about Catherine is her consistency. People have a need for that. With her, you’re guaranteed draping but she has the flair to tweak it with a fresh twist for each new line.

You own it. You have it. You wear it. Can wear in many multiple ways. Not restrictive. Ready for the bar. Ready for the red carpet.

Her bi-coastal clients obviously travel a lot. When you know you’re going to be at 3 different places all at once, it’s nice knowing you can just pull out a dress or a top and knowing it will work regardless of where you are.

Before launching her own company, Catherine used to work for Diane Von Furstenberg, the pioneer of the modern woman style. One compliments the other. Where women add their own personal flair. Great designers begat great designers.Classic, sophisticated lifestyle designer. It’s very empowering to have women designers that have successful names, they make a difference. Women who can interpret any lifestyle can become

Madonna wore this Sudanese Leather Biker Jacket.

Learning your history is not a bad thing. When she does bejeweling, it’s Byzantine. In draping, she uses chiffon and voile on a bias.

There’s a way to take something from the past then showcase it in a very modern way because Catherine is for the modern woman.

How you start determines how you finish, building that foundation.

You study your history then modernize it and it makes for one heck of a terrific dress.

Whenever she travels, it’s always an inspiration. Her Spring Line is inspired by different tribes.

She used the rituals and the beauty standards from each of the cultures she absorbs then incorporate them into her collections.

The Condo Leather Raglan 3/4 Black Jacket can be mistaken for Baroque but actually it's Sudanese, the skillful ripping and punching came from the tribal piercing and body scarification from Sudanese Clans. Madonna wore this.

Since she recently opened a second LA boutique on La Cienga Avenue, she's working on LA. Catherine designs for the LA girl, a sophisticated, strong lady. Designs for Beyonce, Madonna, Venus Williams, and Eva Longeria Parker.

The LA woman loves taking on Catherine’s worn-leather jackets, pair it with jeans then making it her own. Not tied down to one complete head-to-toe look. Mixing it up with her own personality. Again, it returns to showcasing a woman’s own individuality and style.

Baddulla Flower Long Dress in Nu and Lapis.

Since Catherine is evolving into designing for the modern, fashion-forward woman living in hot environments, her clothes translate well for the modern Southern woman who dashes from work to bar to soiree.

Her vibrant Peruvian Collections are great for romping around town whereas her Polyesian Collection is great for lounging around poolside or slinking at the garden party day or evening.

Catherine Malandrino proves a woman doesn't have to forgo her feminine to be powerful and her clothes are mullable for the womanly globe-trotter.

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