Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Softening Your Tresses from Winter to Spring

By Laura Medina

Roots of Nature Shea Butter & Green Tea Shampoo

Is your hair still in a tizzy because it's still frizzy from Winter to Spring? Or, is it always sunny and always dry, regardless if it's bone-chillingly cold or frying hot.

Soft Sheen is here to ease the transition with down-to-earth ingredients, just right for Spring.

The wheat protein, the green tea, and the shea butter penetrate, fortify, and stimulate weather-weary hair.

Angela Guy, Soft Sheen's Senior Vice President echoes the company's goal, “At SoftSheen-Carson we believe that beautiful hair starts at the root. Healthy hair is beautiful hair. The Roots of Nature Remedies focus on natural ingredients that feed the health of hair.”

Roots of Nature Nurturing Repair Shampoo's Green Tea purifies the scalp then penetrates the hair shafts to clean. While cleaning, the powerful anti-oxidant, Green Tea stimulates the scalp and strengthens hair growth.

In tandem, the all-natural moisturizer and softener Shea Butter moisturizes and nourish damaged strands. It combats dryness while restoring a healthy scalp and rebalancing moisture.

Roots of Nature Shea Butter & Wheat Protein Healing Thickening Cream

For a moisturizing cream, it's surprisingly light-weight yet intensively softening follow-up to the Roots of Nature Shampoo.

Mixed in with the moisturizing Shea Butter, the all-natural wheat protein thickens and strengthens thristy hair strands as they drink it in, by coating the outer hair shafts, adding visible thickness. As the thin hair absorbs the protein, the wheat makes the hair appear thicker and fuller.

If you're prepping your skin for Spring, you might as well primp and pamper your hair so you can face the new season from head to toe.

With both the shampoo and the cream priced at $6.99 a pop at most drugstores and beauty supply outlets, there is no excuse to get ready for Spring.

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