Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Gen Art Fashion Alumni, Parade of LA's Fashion Stars

By Laura Medina

*Jeffrey Sebelia and his Muse in action

*Rami Kashou, Jeffrey Sebelia, and Jared Gold

* Jeffrey, Jared, Elmer Ave., and Rami on the red carpet

Jeffrey Sebelia's Grace Jones-inspired muse...

Whoever said Hollywood is all about skin and titilation, has never actually know and meet Los Angeles' true fashion designers.

Peek a Boo, Mr. Sebelia's version of Lady Gaga...

Since the City of Angeles is bursting with fashion craftsmanship, not just style, it is far easier to honor this constellation of fashion star on their very own red carpet in the heart of Hollywood, the Tropicana at the historical Roosevelt Hotel.

Jeffrey Sebelia and Grace Jones-inspired muse posing at the poolside.

Since throwing a full-length runway for each and all of Gen Art Fashion Alumni is too daunting a prospect, Gen Art honors them by spooling out the red carpet.

Jeffrey and Muse striking a pose before stepping out on the red carpet.

It is a showcase where this organization can proudly display the constellation of fashion design stars that they discovered, guided, and watched as they shoot off into the stratosphere of national and international recognization.

Rami Kashou and his muse

This parade showcases each designer's greatest hits from their current collection.

Rami with his muse chatting with reporters.

This red carpet not only extols the virtue of Gen Art's mission in discovering, guiding, providing talent much needed experience and exposure but busting the stereotype that Los Angeles is all about exposing skin in the name of being trendy.

Rami Kashou exhibit the tradition of Old Hollywood Glamour in his timeless strapless black gown.

Elmer Ave.'s Victorian Dandy menswear for women.
Jonny, Bravo's "Fashion Show" contestant, with his Elmer Ave. cohorts proved a woman doesn't have to expose a whole lot of skin to display femininity or drown in girlish frilliness.
By mashing up their interest in Victorian/Edwardian clothes and using Hollywood's tradition in whipping period costume, they showcase womanly curves, not girlish skinniness, in deft tailoring and a clever invention of a corset/vest/bustier, with a smudge of goth-punk.
Historical elegance is the key to true Los Angeles style.

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