Monday, March 1, 2010

Dressing like an Olympian can be downright Stylish

By Laura Medina

Want to warm up like an Olympian one minute then hit the cafe for a light lunch or a smoothie without skipping a beat?

Meryl Davis, of the silver medal-winning Ice Dance pair, Davis and White, chicly and most importantly, comfortably rehearsed in this simply elegant but casual wrap top by Alo.

You can tie this light-weight knit sweater front or on the side like Ms. Davis, over yoga and active wear outfits, making this a cute and quick run-about-town outfit. It goes well with a simple sundress or cocktail for Spring nights.

At $58 and sold at Nordstorm or on, you can dress like an Olympian without trying too hard. Perhaps, you don't want to endure Olympic training but it's still nice to think you be sporty and fashionable like an Olympic ice skater at a sensible price.

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