Monday, July 21, 2008

Shizue lands in the States

London-based bag designer, Shizue Nobuta, launches her stateside debut in Beverly Hills. She already has a cult-following for her vivid, luxurious bags and purses in exotic skins and fabric among British celebrities.

Some British notables, such as Lady Victoria Hervey, showed up for support. But, Shizue is quickly gaining a following in America.

Makes perfect sense to start in Beverly Hills.

There's a humanity flip side to all these glitz and glamour. The debut party was also an on-site pet adoption from the Amanda Foundation. Adorable canines in all shapes and sizes mingle among the celebrity heavy throng.

People crowd inside the frilly and glitzy gallery as three story boutique. The windows were festooned with butterflies. Each room is decked as a jewel box turn disco. The candy-hued purses are displayed in their own jewel box like bonbons and ribbon candy.

Candance Cameron
Local celebrities show their support by posing with their favorite Shizue bags.

Alli Sims

What could be perfect moment to achieve that everyday causal Hollywood look: a big, beautiful purse and a cute little doggie, from the Amanda Fountain, to trot around.

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