Thursday, July 3, 2008

Rock The Vote-And Let’s Party!!!!

Nothing could be more patriotic than the right and the freedom to vote then celebrating it in any way we want to. It’s fashionable, especially this holiday during this election year, to cast our ballot for whomever we want. There’s more to fashion than frippery and finery. Most designers are intellectuals with a conscious-and a heart.

Leading up the drive is Social Atelier’s Andrei Najar. He designed this retro-inspired line of “Vote” tee-shirts. Graphics influenced by ABC’s “School House Rock” back in the Seventies for all those Gen-Xers and Eighties’ New Wave neon bold fonts for Gen-Yers nostalgic for their childhood.

Nick Cannon with fan
Bloomingdales in West Hollywood, CA debut the line with nice guy, Nick Cannon. A month later, he married Mariah Carey. Who would have known!

Whenever Nick lends a hand to a charity or a social cause, he really does believe in it or else, he wouldn’t do it. He mildly suggested, maybe, registering to vote at a booth across from him-and his fans happily do. What a nice guy, he even signed a fan’s broken leg.
Nanette Lepore & Kerri Washington
“Fashion Votes” Party is a celebration and a drive for getting creative people-whether they be designers, actors, writers, or artists-get politically active in causes that affect them and the greater community directly.

It’s an election year, voter drive by a nonpartisan, nonprofit social and public advocacy group, The Creative Coalition. It was formed by respected celebrities (Alec Baldwin, Susan Sarandon, and Christopher Reeve) who are deeply concerned about First Amendment rights, campaign reforms, violence in America, public funding for the arts and arts and literacy in public schools.
But it’s a glitz, jovial voter drive sponsored by The Creative Coalition and graciously hosted by fun and vivacious fashion designer, Nanette Lepore, held in her pink and cream cheery, cute Melrose Avenue boutique. These fete proved that politics and social awareness don’t have to be dour and somber and depressing. Having the freedom and the right to vote can be a celebration unto itself-like the 4th of July!

Mentioned earlier by Nick Cannon, most celebrities wouldn’t appear at any cause unless they truly believe in it. Attesting to the A-List wattage of stars showing for this event, there are a lot of politically astute celebrities than most people give Hollywood credit for. There’s more to littery Hollywood than Brittany, Paris, Lindsay, Haley, and Miley.

Nanette Lepore with John Paul DeJoria & Family
Established and well-respected actors, such as Ilena Douglas, Kerri Washington, Ed O’Neil, and Tom Arnold, gladly lend their celebrity radiance to The Creative Coalition’s nonpartisan causes. It’s not just actors but John Paul DeJoria, Paul Mitchell’s co-founder, joined Nanette Lepore in getting fellow fashion and beauty professionals to get out there and vote.

Ileana Douglas

Tom Arnold

Ed O'Neil & Nanette Lepore

AnnaLynne McCord
starring in "90210"-The new
version of "Beverly Hills 90210."
AnnaLynne McCord & stylist George Blodwell

Michelle Krusiec of "What Happens in Vegas"

Kanu the Hair Cowboy styling George Blodwell's hair on the spot
Among the rocking conga/rumba band, an unexpected talent popped out of the crowd-Kanu the Hair Cowboy. Believing anyone can use a tune-up, he’ll give anyone a styling and a hair cut right on the spot. Nothing too drastic. Just a finesse there. Maybe a snip here. A flip there. Ta-Duh! An instant hair style, it’s you but more refined.
If you want to spice up your party or nightclub by making it more fashionable beyond the predictable DJ, Kanu can do haircuts for parties, soirees, events, causes, girls’ get-together afternoon teas, and personal one-on-one styling for that black cocktail dress party for. He even cut and style hair on the dance floor. Kanu can and does put in a lot of individualized work, attention, and energy into your image at the last minute. His equipment is sanitized in designer perfume

George with his polish hairstyle and Kanu

As they say, “If you’re cash rich but time poor-call Kanu the Hair Cowboy.” Group and individual rates generally start at $100. For that next event, you can reach Kanu at (213) 948-6825 or email him about your upcoming soiree at Hmm, with the sweltering heat, maybe it’s a good time to reach him for that spa/ pool party you always wanted-hhmmmmm. Or, if you need something fresh for your next fundraiser-call Kanu. Just a thought.

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