Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Juicy Couture Boutique Opening on Thursday, November 6, 2008

Hey-Ya! Charleston, SC is going to have it's very own Juicy Couture Boutique. It's going to open on Thursday, November 6, 2008!
A public relations staff member called me directly this morning from the Juicy Couture Headquarter-that, yes-Charleston will have its own legitimate Juicy Couture Boutique. Confirmed for November 6th, she said it's going to be on King St. She can't say where exactly on King St. but it's going to be on King St.
I reassured her that their boutique is in good company of Saks Fifth Avenue and Gucci.
Just in time to give your love ones or let your let your love ones know what you really, really, want for Christmas or Chanukah.
Despite their love for the light-hearted, fluffy, and sweet, Gela Nash-Taylor (wife to Duran Duran's bassist, John Taylor. He's in charge of design for their menswear line and the British Aristo mood in their stores and ad campaigns), and Pamela Skist-Levy are experienced garmentos (they're the first to make and sell maternity jeans) who know the holiday season is the ripe moment to launch a store.
Mine you, these photos aren't exactly what Juicy Couture has in mind for the Charleston location on King St.
They're the best examples of Juicy's taste of luxury spiced with humor.
Due to the founders' personal touch, they want to make sure the interior design and decoration reflects that city's personality and attitude. But, don't worry. The interior decoration mainstay are huge crystal jars of hard candy and lollipops and the air is scented with cookies and macaroons.
With Charleston finally getting it's own Juicy, having the boutique will prove to all Charlestonians that is more to Juicy Couture than it's classic, now much copied and mocked, princess-line tailored velour tracksuits.
Once Liz Clairborne paid millions for it, Juicy now has a much more tailored, prim, but no less luxurious line called, "Couture Couture." These young ladylike, prim suits and dresses fit those Park Avenue princess from "Gossip Girls" and can give Marc by Marc Jacobs a run for his money. Some of their upscale items make it into the Resort Collection.
With their embroided cotton and silk tunics and babydoll tops on sale now, Juicy has established wool boucle, tweed, and plaid with fake fur trim and fake fur jackets and coats to accompany their soft corduroy blazers and jeans in rich, deep colors of chocolate and plum for Fall and Winter.
For you, young, hip Charlestoon girls out there-you no longer have to trek and spend hundreds of dollar to drive to Atlanta nor do you have to put up with meager offerings of one-off Juicy rejects from local retailers.
You are getting the fresh and the best from these Juicy Couture girls.

As they say in L.A., "May you have a Juicy Day!

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Anonymous said...

Listen up ladies: The "fake fur" trim and coats mentioned in this artical isn't "fake" at all- if Juicy sells fake fur, it is equalled if not surpassed by the REAL RABBIT FUR used to line those tacky hoodies etc. Juicy gets its fur from China, from fur farms that cram the rabbits into cages too small to even lie down in, where rabbits live in their own waste, break limbs, go mad and self-mutilate, or simply die in their cages. Animals used for fur are then beaten to death, vaginally or anally electrocuted, drowned, or simply skinned alive. See real undercover footage for yourselves at, and make the ONLY compassionate choice: Don't buy Juicy Couture until they stop using real fur.