Monday, July 14, 2008

Fashion-Forward Nails

If you’re “cash-rich but time-poor,” as in you go directly from gym to office to dinner or god forbid, an event, you need something or perhaps, a quickie service that will spice up your look without taking up too much time or space.

You have the perfect outfit and the jewelry are easily accessible but what about your dodgy nails?

Need that brief moment to relax and reflect then readjust?

Minx Nails and holistic manicurist, Naja Rickette, are here to soothe and polish your inside as well as your outside-even though it’s a quickie. But, she’ll get you ready for your date and event!

At her salon, Extremedys 2012, that stays open until 8pm, Naja will transitions you from the office to the date in no time without damaging your well-being. Think of them as a softer, soothing version of a Quickie Lube oil change, where in a short matter of time, you, not your car, is restored and polished in a short amount of time inside a warm cottage, not a garage.

Plop into one of her computerized barcoloungers, for a programmable massage, ranging from shoulder to lower back to full massage, Naja will start soothes and smoothing your nails to prep for the “Minx-acure.”

Instead of dealing with toxic fumes and messy wet nail polish, this speedy nail polish of a sticker, with details already designed on them, saves you from a tedious drying time and irritating chemical odors.
Using her culinary school background and cosmetology training, Naja gives you undivided attention to your nails using all-natural oils and lotions. She believes if it’s good and safe enough to eat then, it’s nourishing and beneficial for your skin and cuticles. Her salon isn’t the usually industrial, mechanical nail salon with a lot of steel and plastic but a cozy living room with big, soft massage bacroloungers kneading the stress out of your neck and back. Naja firmly believes that spas and salons are modern day hospitals where people give back to themselves once or twice a month.
For her, organic cosmetology isn’t a trendy gimmick but an extension of a healthy lifestyle where pampering using holistic ingredients is just as essential as flossing your teeth. While treating you, she’ll tell you honestly that she’s using orange oil and lotion to soften your cuticles and skin.
Even with a nail polish sticker, Naja is more “nail artisan,” or as she calls herself, “Hand and Foot Restorer,” adjusts and positions each nail design precisely. Her buffing and massages aren’t routine buffing and exfoliating but reflexology, pressing and releasing pressure points while gentle heating Minx polish stickers pliable and moldable. This is more than a “slap and dash.”
Doing “nail artistry” in a cozy, homeopathic setting, the reflexology continues while Naja smoothes and irons out the kinks and wrinkles from the Minx Nail strips, further trimming and shaping them until they look like regular wet polishes. For her, it’s nothing more than a freedom of expression. After a lifetime of donning Catholic school and chef uniforms and straining under the rigors of both environments, Naja was dying to burst out and express herself in clothes, hair, and makeup. What a perfect place to express herself visually and her organic beauty philosophy than a salon where she can truly be herself.
Don’t get this impression that Naja Rickette is this hippy-dippy flake who suffers fools gladly.
Due to her strict Catholic school education and culinary school discipline, she’ll respect a customer who arrives on time. By doing so, she can offer a full, relaxing treatment without sacrificing quality and attention. Naja doesn’t believe in doing a sloppy job so, she doesn’t suffer fools gladly.

Lisa Marie Presley and her daughter, Riley Keough, treated themselves to Naja’s strict but caring Minx-acures.

If you can’t dedicate a whole weekend or a whole week but need that manicure and/or pedicure within one hour flat, ask Naja at her hand and foot spa, Extremedys 2012 on 8001 Santa Monica Blvd., on the corner of Laurel Avenue and Santa Monica Blvd. for the efficient but soothing Minx-acure.

Just give her a call at (323) 848-8094 and she’ll help a busy career girl ease out of her cubicle then help her get ready for an event in no time flat.

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