Monday, July 7, 2008

Angelic Shoes for All Seasons

With those nice set of purses and satchels, you need some pumps for Summer and boots for Fall to complete your look.

Tom Ponce, Gwen Stefani’s former designer for her L.A.M.B and Harajuku Lover’s collections, has stepped out on his own, offering his own line of comfortable but equally sexy and stylish footwear, Velvet Angels.

His type of woman fits Beijo’s mold of an energetic, fashion-forward woman on the fast-track. Alluring but practical, all-business when necessary yet sexy when she wants to be, this is Tom’s woman. A confident woman with attitude, who knows quality when she sees it.

Don’t let those high heels and vampish details trick you. Each Velvet Angels shoe is completely padded inside. Thanks to his Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design from Art Center of Design in Pasadena, California and his background in designing Corvettes and Cadillacs, he manages to construct a line of shoes that are not only ergonomically sound but alluringly tempting.

Following in the great Salvatore Ferragamo’s footsteps, it takes real astuteness to transfer human anatomy and technical design from designing car seats to molding one’s sole without sacrificing great style.

Mary Weiland, Velvet Revolvder’s Scott Weiland’s wife attests to Tom’s insight.

“They’re very, very sexy, very modern and very hip, but they have a streamline that you would find only in a really amazing jet or a really amazing car,” she said. “The way they hug your foot is really sexy. He doesn’t leave a detail untouched.”

Carrying over his coy designs from L.A.M.B., Tom fills a Summer shoe closet with Forties’ inspired platform pumps with open toe in creamy white leather with a maroon buckle strap. For cornering those cobblestone streets, you can maneuver in his practical but no less adorable ballet flats also in cream.

Indeed, you can round your wardrobe right now with Beijo’s handbags and totes. Especially, these glamorous Catty high heel sandals with a gold-chain strap in deep eggplant/brown go exceptionally well with Beijo’s “It’s A Cinch” satchel for that rich Boho Luxe look with an embellished pair of jeans.
If you want to swing an all-White Summer Soiree, these pair of Old Hollywood platform pumps in creamy white will bring out your inner pinup starlet, just like Ferragamo’s customer, Marilyn Monroe.
You can rock the Eighties in this peek-toe, ankle boots in Peepshow. Ashley Simpson, Mena Suvari, Mandy Moore, and “E’s” Catt Sadler are rocking the Summer in these sassy but sweet boots. A refreshing departure from Spring/Summer sweet, demure trend. Come on, let your bad girl show.
As a peek-a-boo to Fall, Tom expands on the luxury rocker theme with knee-high boots in buckles and straps in soft, malleable suede and leather that wear well into an elegant patina. Depending on who’s your superwoman, you can as sleath as Angelina Jolie in these croc-embossed “Assassin” boots

or you swashbuckle your way in this Emma Peel-like suede “Dirty, Sexy, Angel” boots.

You can reach for those foot candy at his website,

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