Monday, July 7, 2008

Cruelty-Free Purses for a Care-Free Lifestyle

For any woman on the go, from corporate boardroom to a date or just hanging with the girls, who lives in a cute but small, single studio apartment, a single mom has the bags to carry you from day to night.

Made out of special but durable polyvinyl that gives Beijo Bags their chic pearlescent shimmer, designer Susan Handley epitomizes the hectic career woman lifestyle-with a baby son to boot.
In fact, it was her son that lends the line its namesake. When his second word was “beijo”-Portuguese for “kiss”, as in “beijo Mama beijo”-Susan knew she was onto something.

Living the mantra form follows fashion, Susan started a line of bags for the busy career woman-single, married, with kids or not, these fashionable clutches, totes, and purses multi-task.
With a pearlescent finish, there’s an uniform look that wouldn’t look out of place and provide a woman a necessary collection of day, evening, and luggage.

“The Gateway” doubles as a doctor’s bag-cum-briefcase Monday to Friday that you can immediately pack and stash away as a weekend getaway luggage for that impulsive road trip or as an elegant but tough carry-on for flying.

The Gateway

Another multitasker in disguise is The Impressive, a large square purse with a round metal handle. It’s sleek and stylish enough for “Get Smart’s” Agent 99 and “The Avenger’s “Emma Peel. A true form follows function. It’s modish enough on the outside to fool people that it’s a simple purse but inside-watch out! The interior is spacious enough for a middle compartment for a laptop with interior outside segments and pockets for a Blackberry, cell, ipod, a Nars Multiple Stick, pepper spray, and a gloss. All neatly carried in a nifty purse that would never be mistaken for a masculine, cumbersome messenger bag. This purse is so well put together that an executive can cunning move from boardroom to bar without missing a beat that her date and buddies would never know she’s carrying her whole gear with her.

The Impressive

For a more relaxing Bohemian air, there’s “It’s A Cinch” satchel with a drawstring closure. It’s soft and roomy for a grab-and-go while running errands while it’s sweet enough for a shopping trip with refreshments with the girls.

"It's A Cinch" Satchel

During this trying, economic times, you can follow designer Susan Handley’s path and throw a purse and bag bash where you can showcase and sell her line amid tapas and cocktails. A fun way to earn some extra cash among friends and family.

Whatever your lifestyle, there’s a Beijo Bag for you.

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