Thursday, November 19, 2015

Holiday in Hollywood, Hollywood Hotel, Hollywood Christmas Parade, & Honest Beauty at The Grove.

By Laura Medina
Yes, Virginia, Hollywood does celebrate Christmas and other holidays during this time.
Why don't strike a whole flock of birds with one stone and do, not only a "shopping holiday"  but an unique experience.

Macy's New York Thanksgiving Parade isn't the only parade with balloons and floats this time of year.

Consider the Hollywood Hotel's Christmas Parade Package for an one 0f a kind holiday vacation, especially for those emerging hipster tween and teen kids of yours.

For $139 a night, they'll hook up you and your family...or friends  as balloon wranglers in Hollywood's authentic real Christmas Parade.

This special offer will only last until November 29th, the day and night of the parade, so hurry up!

While warming up for the Hollywood Christmas Parade, you and your tweens and/or teens can get ready at an affordable price at wholesome quality at Jessica Alba's pop-up Honest Beauty Shop at The Grove.

Especially for today's tweens and teens, who are a mash-up of all sorts of skin tones and complexions, they look up to elder Jessica Alba (she's their idea of an elder role model, not this scribe's) as a big sister who understands their beauty needs and wallet budget.

Even today's Gen-Xer parent can really the array of skin colors and spectrum that fits every beige, tan, and brown underneath the rainbow.

The color rainbow are classics that will never go out of style.  

The eye shadows have straight-up ingredients. 

The cream blushes that double as subtle flushed cheeks  and muted lip color have Raspberry Fruit Extract‬, Vanilla Fruit Extract‬, Blackberry Fruit Extract‬, and Grape Extract‬, good for the skin.  

The rice bran oil-based Truly Kissable Lip Crayon – Demi-matte contains: Jojoba, Candelilla Wax, Sunflower, Raspberry, Vanilla, Blackberry, Grape, murumuru butter and 
shea butter.

What's even better, especially for the parents, everything in Honest Beauty is reasonable and fair-priced.

Healthy ingredients, wide-arranging skin shades, and fair prices, that doesn't stop there.

Jessica Alba's Honest Beauty pop-up shop (unfortunately, it's a temporary boutique that started around Halloween, runs through the holidays then through Awards Season then stops when Awards Season ends) gives shoppers and test-try-ers full makeovers and touch-ups.  What a great incentive!  A Hollywood makeover that's healthy.  Glam as Hollywood.  Wholesome as California.

This doesn't stop there.

Be the envy of the neighborhood, the office, and school because, after your makeover or touch-up, Honest Beauty Pop-Up Shop has a Photo Booth Room.

You heard right, a Photo Booth Boudoir in girly creamy and ivory room and couch, bathe in skin-friendly, soft ivory light for your best and multiple selfie photos in all and each of your Honest Beauty makeovers.

Instead of the kitschy post cards, send the folks back home your Honest Beauty Selfie Makeovers, over social media, email, text, or an old-fashion photo for your own souvenir.

As a veteran actress who came up in her teen years and now a mom, Jessica Alba knows the importance of good skincare as the base for the best makeover.

Her three varieties of sunscreen all have Chamomile, calendula, Hyaluronic Acid, Non-nano zinc oxide, and aloe.

For the tweens and teens who only need a just a dew of moisture, they can spray Elevated Hydration Mist with Chamomile and calendula help to calm and soothe. Aloe vera conditions skin while hyaluronic acid attracts moisture, locking in hydration..;

Or, they can slather on their idea of a traditional face lotion, Dependably Clear Oil Free Moisturizer based on oil-free but effective Hyaluronic acid gently hydrating for a light, nourished feel.   Chamomile and calendula help to calm and soothe. Vitamin C rich barbary fig and rosehip provide antioxidant support. Neem and aspen bark help balance oily prone skin.

Thank god, the most expensive items are for the more established who have no problem buying these moisturizers at $34 a pop, a mere bargain compared to similar face moisturizers.

Even Brighter Everyday Moisturizer is for the older folks who damaged their skin and got sun/age spots.  This moisturizer gradually fades away the damage with:
chamomile and calendula to help calm and soothe. Vitamin C rich acerola cherry, barbary fig and green tea provide antioxidant support to help balance skin tone. Licorice extract has been shown to fight and improve the appearance of dark spots. 

For a classic moisturizer that is just as classic as your grandma's lotion but healthier, give Younger Face Deep Hydration Cream. 

This deep hydration face cream contains chamomile and calendula to help calm and soothe. Radish seed oil  enhances skin moisture barrier and deeply hydrates. Baobab fruit, rich in vitamins A and E, replenishes nutrients and nourishes skin. Look honestly good. A Jessica Favorite! Provides a glowing, dewy finish.

Her Magic Balm is great for dabbing on dry spots and obviously, meant to be multi-tasker, from soothing chapped lips to moisturizing crow's feet, whipped with Calendula, Jojoba, Tamanu, and chamomile in a coconut/olive oil base.

Voted Best of Beauty by Allure Magazine, Jessica's Honest Beauty Primer is night-time makeup without the spf.  Hyaluronic acid and a botanical peptide help keep skin looking smooth and pores less noticeable. Peony root, a firming active ingredient, adds plumpness to the skin and aloe vera conditions. Infused with orange flower water and mica this face primer delivers a subtle golden glow. Luminous, flawless looking skin in one simple step. Boom!

As a hyper-ventilating parent, you can breathe deep with relief.

Honest Beauty Pop-Up Shop offers skincare kits according to skin types.  Try before you buy the full-size.  Plus, they make great gifts/souvenirs back home.

Now is the the ideal time to bunk down at the Hollywood Hotel, strut your stuff as balloon wranglers in the Hollywood Christmas Parade then stock up on all your healthy glam makeup and get your Healthy Hollywood look on before it disappears.

The Hollywood Hotel's Hollywood Christmas Parade special will end on November 29th.

Jessica Alba only meant her Honest Beauty Pop-Up Shop to be a trial-run then it'll disappear by mid-March.

If you like her stuff, she has her own version of Birchbox.  You can subscribe to her beauty delivery system, directly to your door.

Now is a magical time in Hollywood.







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