Monday, November 16, 2015

Beauty & the Brunch, BeGlammed Boozy Brunch at The Hudson, "Sex & the City" Brunch 2.0.

By Laura Medina

Remember the still beloved and deeply yearned for "Sex and the City"?  Remember how the "girls" will get together for brunch, regardless if they're single in the tv series or married in the movie sequels?

In today's day and age, it's transported from the West Village, Manhattan to West Hollywood, Los Angeles at The Hudson.

At the first-ever "Boozy Brunch & BeGlammed Makeover" a.k.a. "Beauty Brunch" at The Hudson,  BeGlammed the makeup & hair-styling app did a pop-up beauty station inside The Hudson restaurant during brunch, the week before Halloween.

A good decade ago, way before apps and smartphones exist, the "Sex & the City" ladies would probably be chatting how nice and convenient it would be if a salon will magically appear at a cafe or a restaurant where they're brunching then have beauty professionals fix their hair and makeup while fueling on brunch, so they can get ready for the rest of the day and night.

Well, that day has arrived ladies.

At the "Boozy Brunch with BeGlammed,"  the BeGlammed pros can put your hair in an updo or a down-do then get your face ready with a full-blown makeover.

Either before the makeover or after completing the makeover, you can have brunch at The Hudson.

Since this scribe is getting ready for the day, after getting her makeover-her full face and updo-she fueled on Short Rib Benedict, a braised short rib resting on a bed of white cheddar grit cakes, poached eggs, and roasted potatoes with red wine reduction sauce slathered on.

Instead of the usual Mimosa, Deep Eddy Vodka provided their spin on the Mojito, of course, mixing their Deep Eddy Sweet Vodka with lime juice, clear soda, and crushed mint leaves, for the boozy brunch.

This style-loving, sweet-tooth scribe finished off the brunch with The Hudson's rare Layered Italian Caramel Pudding.  It's Kahlua cookie crust filled with Budino custard, topped with whipped cream, drizzled with salted caramel sauce then dusted with shaved chocolate and almonds.

The "Sex & the City" ladies of yore, can only dream of what today's "Sex & the City" girls can and are having right now.

Let them eat cupcakes sans makeover.  Today's "ladies who brunch" can have their makeovers and brunch together. 

"Sex & the City" 2.0. 



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