Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Cheap, Chic, & Cute DIY Gifts for When You're Broke Christmas.

By Laura Medina

Let's face it, the holidays are a pressure cooker of  the year.  A lot of expectations and a lot of perfection based on wishes granted.  That's stressful.

If the thought of going broke to please others is enough to make you go postal, take out your frustrations then channel them at Makerskit's Pop-Up Shop inside Sherman Oaks' Fashion Square Mall.

Waste not, want not, this ingenious, ecological, and economical seasonally temporary pop-up shop popped up when appropriate.  So, get there and make stuff like they're hot before they disappear once the holidays are finished.

If you think you can truly do it all by yourself-wrong.  You fumbling with your handicraft will only build frustration due to the lack of access to materials, equipment, and a proper work-table.

Makerskit's Pop-Up has the the tables, the  chairs, the tools, the materials, and most importantly, real-life, flesh & blood human being experts that can help you tool and mix your handmade gifts and make them look really expensive when they're actually affordable.  The plus is that they have CoolHaus Ice Cream stand that's free.  You can fuel on CoolHaus ice sandwiches while crafting.

True, you'll do break a sweat crafting, especially when you're twisting titsy-bitsy gold twine and wire around a semi-precious gemstone but nothing says nothing like a handmade gift made from the heart...and financially thought-out with your brain.

Hey, if you're gonna break out a sweat learning how to melt, mix, and mold your customize soaps and whip up personalized body cream, at least, you're doing something productive and thrifty because treading on a treadmilll when you have to think about others will only pent-up worries and stress.  Take that stress out and hammer some jewelry.

Think of making handcrafted jewelry, bath, and body care as the new holiday work-out.  Look on the bright side, there ain't no cooking; and if there's cooking, there's a Makerskit expert to help you at every step of the way.

At Makerskit's Pop-Up Shop, not only do you have supplies and tools available, Makerskit also have pre-packaged kits that you can buy as gifts themselves or take them home to mix in your own crafting room (only homes in the Valley have those) or buy them, take out the contents and then ask a shop expert to help you make the gift right inside the store.

Most of the pre-packaged kits are popular gifts: DIY lip balms and glosses, grow your own mini herb gardens in mini mason jars, and portable cocktail kits.

Obviously, Makerskits make adorable gifts for the foodie friends but with the herb gardens kits, they can also be used in conjunction with bath and body scrub and soap kits for your botanical skincare...which you'll need after the holidays or if you really want to kiss-ass for a year full of favors, do botanical skincare gifts for friends with benefits.
Aura Cacia Holiday Essential Oil Starter Kit

If the Makerskit Pop-Up Shop up in Sherman Oaks' Fashion Square Mall is too far and too temporary for you, there are way more Whole Foods locations.

Right now, you can go in and buy Aura Cacia Holiday Essential Oil Starter Kit for $25, take it home and whip up some home-made skincare for you and your love ones...or just gift them kit and have them make their own skincare.

There are more things to love at Sherman Oaks' Fashion Square Mall.  If crafting home-made gifts is too much for you yet you want something more personalized and practical..;and you're traveling.

Nearby Makerskit Pop-Up, there's the Z Palette makeup de-potting station at Westfield Fashion Square in Sherman Oaks.

Makeup lovers will be able to bring their makeup to the Z Palette de-potting station and will organize your makeup in custom Z Palettes!

Instead of damaging and messing up while trying to customize your own personalized makeup kit, bring thee to Z Palette's de-potting station where they can safely and neatly remove, rearranged, and customized your own makeup in their magnetic makeup kits organized and neatly.

They're nifty located across from Sephora.

If all you professional makeup artists prepping for the upcoming Awards Season, take thee to Z Palette de-potting station to organize your kits.

Show some love and practice good buying at Fashion Square Mall in Sherman Oaks.


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