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Clean, Healthy Hair is the Foundation for Any Trend, Keratin Complex's Woody Michleb.

By Laura Medina

Backstage Beauty Trends for Style Week LA's Headlining Show with Andre Soriano.

Recovering and recuperating from Halloween then recharging for the Holidays.  For entertainment folks, getting for Awards Season.

According to Keratin Complex's Lead Artistic Team Director, Woody Michleb, clean and healthy hair is a foundation for any hair trend, regardless if it's coming from New York Style Week or Los Angeles Style Week.

What Style Week LA did was pretty clever, during the day, at the spacious REEF event venue and showroom, they set up a fashion and beauty trade show for fashion brands that can't foot an evening runway show while the beauty brands, such as Keratin Complex, set up beauty booths for buyers.

The Keratin Complex trade booth displays what the hair stylists are currently using backstage for Style Week LA runway shows later that night.  

Today's mood boards may come in USB drives that set the beauty trends, but Woody said the mainstay hair and makeup should be clean so not to distract from the designers' clothes.  Plus, the models' hair need to be healthy to be strong enough to withstand the stress of multiple styling in one day, much less an entire week.

Here is a list of Wood Michleb's constant haircare he uses backstage during both NY Fashion Week and Style Week LA.  If these are good enough for the intense demands during industry weeks, they'll be good enough for you on a daily basis...


Woody Michleb said a clean scalp and clean hair is an healthy scalp and strong hair.  In fact, he recommend that you should treat your scalp in the same way you treat skincare for your face.  Too much oil and residual styling over-heats the hair, making it weak, prone to fall-out.  Imagine how gunk models have to deal with during any fashion week.

Whether it's first in the morning or last at night, he recommends washing your scalp and tresses with basic, standard Keratin Care Shampoo then conditioning only the strands, not the scalp with Keratin Care Conditioner, so wipe the slate clean for another round of styling.


If you fear dry scalp, drought, or just plain busy like those runway models running and dashing from go-see to runway show during any fashion week...or jet-setting, Woody said you can't go wrong with dusting dry shampoo to keep your scalp clean without stripping your hair of all-natural oil.  A clean scalp means healthy hair.

What's really cool with dry shampoo, they're good for travel whether you're a soccer mom or a jet-setting model.

The plus is that Keratin Complex's Dry Shampoo comes in dark brown for brunettes and blonde for blondes and neutral for anyone, even guys.  Each bottle comes attached with a full brush for easy and light application.

If you want more everyday "oomph" if you feel your strands are frizzy, you can't wrong with these blow-dry aids.

It's one thing for this scribe to fall in love with beauty balms for the face, a.k.a. "BB" Creams.  It's another to fall in deep with beauty balm for the hair.  It instantly primes, protects and perfects the hair.  Again, it's the advanced alternative to the heavier styling creams from the Nineties. 

What Woody uses in prepping these models' hair for any runway show is the Infusion Keratin Replenisher, hydrates and smoothes the hair during daily blow-drying and heat styling, protects against frizz-causing humidity, locks in nourishing and hydrating properties for shiny, healthy looking hair, and helps maintain the results of Keratin Complex® Smoothing Therapy treatments.  A dashing choice to traditional shower-off conditioner, styling products that heals and seals.


Okay, we're gradually building up to the demands of fashion week and what entails in the latest hair trends leaping off the catwalk.

If you want a slightly more style "oomph,"  Woody spritzes on Sweet Definition Texturizing Sugar Mist, it's the more hydrating version of the salt beach spray.

You can still have that care-free, all-natural California/Malibu surfer girl waves but with more moisturizing sugar cane extract that conditions hair while delivering a healthy-looking, glossy shine.  Sweet Definition Texturizing Sugar Mist also protects from the harmful effects of the sun; delivers the perfect balance of moisturizing and curl-activating ingredients; and won’t strip keratin or moisture from the hair.  It also contains marine ingredients, including plankton, kelp and algae, moisturize and help retain curl; and Sunflower seed extract has antioxidant properties to aid in protecting color for dye jobs.

These are the basic, daily styling products that Woody uses to prep and nourish hair while styling it for everyday hair styles, whether it be loose with natural texture or pulled-back in a ponytail.


You all will be glad to know to know that hair mousse has grown up and matured from it's Eighties yore.

This is where Woody Michleb starts to get serious with styling the models' hair into what the fashion designer wants for the fashion show.

Thank god, these heavy-duty styling products have "friends with benefits" with added-on beneficial keratin and oat proteins that strengthen the hair when it's most needed.

Keratin Complex's Vita Volume Boosting Foam volumizes and sculpts foam for hair’s body and fullness with lightweight, non-greasy formula moisturizes while lifting the hair from root to tip.  It has a blend of keratin and oat proteins conditions to make hair stronger against damage and breakage.


You can tell this Gen-X scribe was traumatized by old-school, industrial glue called a hair gel that choke the strands.

Glad that twenty years had passed to where Keratin Complex's Lift Off Root Amplifying Styling Gel is strong enough to hold an hairdo yet it's malleable enough to twist and change without additional styling products.  While it shapes and molds an hair do, it conditions the hair with keratin, wheat protein and humectants increases moisture and shine while reducing static flyaways and without drying it out the hair.


Guys will especially like this... Keratin Complex's Mold Me Matte Texturizing Cream is amulti-finish formula can achieve tousled, “undone” texture or smooth separation, gives medium hold with a natural-looking, semi-matte finish with innovative hops extract helps build body and fullness.

Again, Woody likes this because it's a malleable cream that gives heavy-duty hold that he can shape and styling with one, single dollop without adding on a whole lot of stuff.  It's a shape-shifting, reworkable cream that delivers effortless definition with medium hold.  Since it's hair care based, it must nourish while shaping with frizz-fighting keratin to deliver a smooth finish.

 http://www.keratincomplex.com/products/shop-products/styling-products/flex-flow-finishing-hairspray-rb-10-2-oz/ and http://www.keratincomplex.com/products/shop-products/styling-products/bold-hold-hairspray-rb-10-2-oz/

For those who want the classic, the traditional, Keratin Complex develop a light-weight, shape-able hair spray that keeps your updo or half-do in place without shellacking and drying it to death.

This is why Woody likes the light-weight Flex Flow Flexible Shaping Hairspray because it's a good "starter" hairspray for initial hold for the more complex hair styles that matches the equally more avant-garde collections to carry out the designers' mission statement of their collections.

It provides light, brushable hold—perfect for securing blowouts, waves and curls and layers weightlessly without buildup. It conditions the hair with Keratin-enhanced formula conditions and fights static flyaways. 

What's really important for busy women, it gives UV protection while defending the hair from the dulling effects of the sun.

With this Flex Flow Flexible Shaping Hairspray, he can use this alone to turn a pony-tail into an updo then a crown then back loose and flowing freestyle with just this product alone.   This is important to keep the models' hair clean and healthy without a lot of stress.

In the ultimate updo, Woody saves the strongest for last, Keratin Complex's Bold Hold Maximum Finishing Hairspray.   

Brushable but strong, Bold Hold Maximum Finishing Hairspray keeps elaborate updos in place and gives long-lasting style security while maintaining softness.   

Keratin and wheat proteins condition and smooth the hair for a natural-looking finish.

This is Woody Michleb's guide to hair care and styling, starting with a clean scalp then working your way up to a strong updo.  All the while, conditioning and strengthening the hair, from everyday to special occasions. 

This is how you get professional salon...for real. 

To watch Woody Michleb's advise on hair care and styling, go ahead and watch this interview...


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