Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Where to Stay in L.A. for the Golden Globes & The Grammys for the Hip, Haute Hotties.

By Laura Medina


There are "style tribes" demographics everywhere in every city, determined by career, education, and taste.

There are "Glamazons" in Charleston, as there in New York and Los Angeles.

Now is Awards Season, kicking off right now by this week's Golden Globe Award, honoring both film and television which means events, parties, and tons of celebrities are abound.

This is prime time for every cities' haute hotties and Glamazons to descend up on Hollywood to be honored, shmooze for a deal or next potential gig and network..,but where to stay?

Here are several Los Angeles hotels catering to certain style tribes to cater to their needs.

If you're a visiting producer/screenwriter/talent/literary manager who needs to be where the deals are done, you need to stay at the professionally chic Hotel Palomar in "UCLA Country" a.k.a. Westwood.

It doesn't look like much on the surface but it's smack dabbed in the more upscale, more professional enclaves of Beverly Hills, Century City, and believe it or not, the always yuppy beach city of Santa Monica.  If you want to a swing a deal over golf or a martini, or do lunch, this is where you need to be.

Please hang out in the bar at 5pm for one hour to strike a deal because they do "Social Hour" where they serve complimentary wine and cocktails

For home-sick Europeans, the Hotel Palomar's public television channel constantly air European prime time crime dramas from back home.


For home-sick New Yorkers, you can at the Hotel Wilshire in Mid-Wilshire where a majority of ex-pat New Yorkers nest.  It's a short "drive" (sorry, you still have to drive) to The Grove, West Hollywood, The Beverly Center, the trend-spawning 3rd Street and Beverly Blvd.

What makes it really New York, the Hotel Wilshire has a roof-top pool where they throw parties. At 5 to 6 p.m., they offer Social Hour where complimentary wine and cocktails are served.


If hipster you're thing and you're arriving from Park Circle/West Ashley or Williamsburg, you can stay at the Hollywood Hotel on 1160 N Vermont Ave., Hollywood, CA 90029 and re-connect your fellow Hollywood Hipsters.

If you ever wonder what's "alternative" or "Hip Bohemian," this is your hotel.  Silverlake Junction and Los Feliz are to the north.  Revitalized Korea Town is to the south.  Up and coming Downtown Los Angeles to the east. Hollywood Hotel is located on the epicenter of the "Hollywood Rebirth" where trendy fashion retailers and fellow hoteliers are revitalizing the formerly down & out Hollywood. There is style but Hollywood still retains its grit, perfect for the "Hip Bohemian." 

Hollywood Hotel offers hot, hearty free breakfast.

Steps above the pedestrian continental breakfasts, ten varieties of cereal, muffins, bagels, pastries, croissants, breads and fresh fruit are available to all guests.  An “egg station” for made to order omelets with up to eight different fillings, scrambled, fried or just plain egg whites is also available. Sausage, cheese and a variety of cold cuts complete the protein offerings. Vegan guests can enjoy flour tortillas with their choice of fillings.

This is so much better than crashing on somebody's couch.

Both Hotel Palomar and Hotel Wilshire give their guests complimentary bike rental, walking maps and in-room yoga service that features yoga mat, props, towels, fruit infused water and dried fruit and nuts to keep you tuned-up which is so important in L.A.

During this Awards Season, running from now until the Oscars of late February or Early March, there are hotels for everyone this season.

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