Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Golden Globe Beauty Will Travel

By Laura Medina

One thing this scribe loves about attending Golden Globe Beauty Lounges and Gifting Suites, or any Awards Show Gifting Suite, is being among the first (among celebrities and their makeup artists and stylists) to try new, innovative stuff.

At a Golden Globe Gifting and Beauty Suite, this scribe laid her eyes and hands on what looks like an improved version of EOS Lip Balm, a tinted, colored one.

It's not EOS but Omorose's Rosey Glow Tinted Cheek Gel that you can glide on your cheeks...and lips.

This hydrating gel blush tints the cheeks with a lasting, natural glow. Promising easy application, this convenient cheek tint makes for an excellent touch-up tool for a healthy glow throughout the day.

This scribe immediately used this on a last-minute trip and it works excellently as a cute touch-up in seat, on the ferry, and in the bar.

It's a nifty thing to have in your pocket.

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