Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Blizzard 2015 Lotions & Moisturizers

By Laura Medina

Whether you're a nervous Award Show nominee who needs all the pampering to mentally soothe one's nerves or a snowed-in New Yorker who actually needs basic physical soothing from the dry cold,  you can always rely on the basics...or you tend to fall back on the basics.

Folks can't go wrong with the basic Curel Daily Moisture.  Believe it or not, it's not greasy and it doesn't clog pores and gentle enough to use on the face, meaning you can literally use from head to toe.  In a time pinch or a penny pinch, this scribe has used it as impromptu leave-in hair conditioner in drier, colder climates, such as Las Vegas Christmas, along side a big tub of classic Nivea cream, "The Classic, Nivea Cream & The New, EB5 and Phyto-C Moisturizing Serums for Winter Skin."

With all this dryness outside and inside, Curel Itch Defense can relieve and tackle sensitive skin matters to make your life more livable which means less scratching and fewer scars.
This scribe is thankful for the basic, classic Curel Daily Moisture but her feet, knees, and elbows sure like Curel Rough Skin Rescue better.  With a gentle yet effective formula working with your skin’s natural exfoliating process to safely remove flakes and relieve rough skin, this scribe slathers this on calluses of the heels and toes and fitness-weary knees and elbows.  The olive oil retains the moisture.

All important for wearing slinky gowns and open-toe heels for the Awards Season.  For the snow-bound, it's affordable extra perk after a long, hard day in a blizzard.

If you want to go beyond basics, keep your eyes out for this brand, Miracle Skin Transformer.  After falling in love with it's Miracle Skin Transformer Face SPF 20, it's creamy Miracle Balm (more like a lotion) has: Manuka Honey, Japanese Licorice Root Extract, Tamanu Oil, Evening Primrose and Blue Mountain Sage Oil to: 
  • Helps skin recover from sun-induced irritation.
  • Helps protect, soothe and moisturize dry skin.
  • Helps reduce redness and irritation after waxing or shaving.
  • Helps reduce stinging.
  • Helps the skin maintain its own natural defenses against environmental assaults.
  • Helps reduce skin redness caused by weather burns, abrasions, and minor irritations.
With it's smaller tube, this scribe dabs this as spot-treatment around the eyes for wrinkles and on the lips as a creamy alternative to waxy lip balms and slick lip glosses, subdue but soft.

This scribe dived deeper in creamy emollients that isn't your usually lotions or creams.

Fresh's Sugar Lip Serum is the creamy lip cream this scribe has been hunting for years, a soft, sweet, kissable "lip lotion" that isn't sticky or waxy, much less tinted or pigmented.

Once your parched puckers soak in this lip serum, your natural rosy lip color appears.  Now, that's true beauty.

Okay, once in awhile, this scribe also dabs this non-sticky lip serum around the eyes as a double-duty beauty aid.  Nifty while traveling.

Whether you're snow-bound essential or red-carpet ready wants, this is your current line-up of lotions and moisturizers.

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