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The Golden Globe Salad You Can Eat as New Year's Resolution & The Rest of the Golden Globe Dinner with Desserts!

By Laura Medina

Golden Globe Chef Troy describing Golden Globe Dinner,

The Golden Globes started out as an in-depth, formal dinner party...sans television cameras.  Then a television network executive got smart and decided to televise this industry dinner party into what it is now, a rare and glamorous conjunction where both film and TV celebrities happily collide while having their supper as most normal folks' Winter entertainment, post-holidays.

That tradition continues this Sunday, January 11th, right on prime dinner time, on NBC.

You can supper along with your favorite celebrity, as you cheer her or him to win a Globe with these scrumptious but taste-and calorie-conscious recipes.

Since these meals are going to televised internationally, these meals look good as they taste.

These meals have to be healthy, calorie-conscious, and portion-control since the Golden Globe Awards are a dinner party; and hungry celebrities still have to fit into their gowns and tuxs.

The Beverly Hilton's Executive Chef, Chef Troy N. Thompson knows this when he set foot as the new executive chef and put a lot of thought into these meals.

The Modern Waldorf Salad,

Chef Troy updated the vintage Waldorf Salad for 2015.  

He replaced the mayonnaise with a lighter Lemon Emulsion, that he whipped in a chilled blender until frothy.

Modern Waldorf Salad

(recipe serves 4)

-     Lemon Emulsion
-          2 oz fresh lemon juice, (about 5 lemons)

-          8 oz grape seed oil

-          1 oz Agave syrup

-          Add salt and pepper to taste

-          2 Tbsp pasteurized egg whites


-          In a chilled blender, add sugar, lemon juice, agave; start to whip until frothy

-          Slowly pour in the grape seed oil until it begins to thicken; add salt & pepper taste

Then, Chef Troy saves a dollop of the dressing for last, after he...

Modern Waldorf Salad

(recipe serves 4)
-          1 each Apple Julienne Red Delicious and Granny Smith (1/8 inch Julienne)
-          8 pc red seedless grapes sliced
-          Baguette sliced very thin, EVOO salt and pepper (baked till crisp)
-          4 oz. candied walnuts
-          2 oz. Hearts of celery with leafs
-          Lemon Emulsion
-          8 inside small romaine leafs
-          Walnut oil (garnish)


-          Place Apple Julienne, sliced grapes , hearts of celery in a bowl and toss with Emulsion to cover; let sit

-          Place one romaine leaf on the plate; spoon mixture on the leaf and on second romaine leaf; place on top

-          Top with crushed candied walnuts

-          Top with dollop of Lemon Emulsion

-          Sprinkle walnut oil (garnish)

-          Place crouton (garnish) 

Now, this is a classy salad you can start using and eating right now as a New Year's Resolution.

 For the main entrees, he decided to revamp the traditional surf & turf of...

Roasted Onion Marinated Filet Mignon, Slow Baked Artic Charr,

Potato Croquette, Heirloom Cherries and Tomato Fondue, Kale

Roasted onion marinated Filet Mignon

-          4 4 oz. beef filet mignon
-          3 oz. white onion puree
-          Salt and pepper
-          1.5 oz. grape seed oil

-          Rub beef with onion puree; let sit overnight
-          Before serving, wipe off excess onion puree; place in a hot pan and cook until medium rare; season and let rest

Slow baked Artic Charr


-          4 4 oz. artic charr filet (skin on)

-          2 oz. dry white wine or white vermouth

-          2 oz. unsalted butter

-          Salt and pepper


-          Season the fish with salt & pepper; place in a cold pan skin up; add butter and white wine

-          Place in a 200o oven uncovered for 10 min or until the skin easily pulls off

-          Let rest

Potato croquette


-          8 oz. large Yukon gold potato peeled and boiled mashed

-          1 oz. butter

-          2 oz. heavy cream

-          2 eggs whipped for egg wash

-          Flour for dusting

-          3 oz. panko

-          Salt & pepper


-          In a bowl combine the mash potato; add butter, cream and salt & pepper

-          Scoop 4 2 oz. portions of potato

-          Dust potato in flour; cover in egg; dust in panko

-          Fry in a fryer at 350o until golden brown

Heirloom cherries tomatoes


-          4 oz. heirloom cherry tomatoes cut in half

-          Salt & pepper

-          1 oz. Balsamic Vinegar

-          2 oz. EVOO


-          In a bowl, combine all the ingredients and season to taste

Tomato fondue


-          2 large yellow tomato blanched , seeded and chopped into 1 inch cubes

-          1 sprig basil

-          Garlic clove

-          EVOO

-          Butter

-          White wine

-          Salt and pepper


-          In a sauté pan, cook the tomato in EVOO , garlic and basil until it begins to thicken

-          Let simmer; splash white wine and cook down for 4-5 min., then add butter

-          Stir and rest; discard garlic and basil

Kale Chip


-          4 large leaves black kale

-          1.5 oz. EVOO

-          Salt and pepper

-          Dehydrator


-          In a bowl, combine all the ingredients and season to taste

-          Place the kale in the dehydrator let run at 250o for 12 hours 


-          Place the filet on a warm plate; then warm fish (peel skin off); then hot potato croquette next to the filet

-          Spoon tomato fondue on top of the fish

-          Garnish the plate with the fresh tomato salad; add kale chip garnish

-          Accent the filet with a red wine sauce and the artic charr with the pan drippings

Can't forget desssert, Executive Pastry Chef,  Chef Thomas Henzi retained the ingredients
but shrunk these decadent desserts into semi-truffle candy portions. No guilt here...

 A trio of Cassis Lemon Cheesecake, Chocolate Alliance Salted Caramel, & Hazelnut Dacquoise,

The Golden Globe 2015 Moet Rose Champagne Cocktail,

Any awards show, especially the Golden Globes, is a great place to launch a new product.  
For this Sunday night's Golden Globes, Moet Champagne is launching the new, sweet Moet Rose.

The about YouTube link shows you how to mix Sunday's Golden Globe's Champagne Cocktail.
This lucky scribe sipped this before any celebrity this morning.

Basically, you fill a champagne flute half-way with ice.
Pour in 1/3 third Clementine Juice
Then fill in the rest with 2/3 Moet & Chandon Imperial Rose.

This is your Golden Globe 2015 cocktail, an evening mimosa.

See, within a week, you can dine exactly the same time, on the same meals, with your
favorite celebrities, and never feel you missed out.

One more reason to party, cheers!


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