Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Arriviste's Wants from Altuzarra for Target.

By Laura Medina

When there's New York Fashion Week, there's always a new Fall Designer Collection from Target, bringing high-fashion to the masses, with proven success each and every time.

In this dress-heavy Altuzarra for Target, hitting this Sunday, this scribe picks the faves based on the fundamentals of fabric and construction, not flash.

Until this scribe gets its hands on them, the satin Maxi Wrap Dress in Black Orchid Print for $69.99 and Wrap Dress in Purple Orchid Print for $49.99 appear composed as they are confident, much like the woman who popularized the wrap dress in the first place, Diane Von Furstenberg.

The Embroidered Romanian Dress in Black Swiss Dot for $54.99 is a deft use of mixed-media fabrics.  Sheer sleeves against a denser bodice dress, suggestive not slutty, like this scribe hopes.

This is what the scribe wants.

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