Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Post-Summer Fun Care Packages, FabFitFun & Women's Health for Birchbox. Pretty Potent for NY Fashion Week Too.

By Laura Medina

This Summer has started soaked in gin for June as National Gin Month at the Viceroy in Palm Springs, "June is National Gin Month."

It crescendo into the ultimate celebration of California's bountiful crop of fruit and vegetables, L.A. Food & Wine Festival with hip-hop artist Common headlining, "Hip-Hop Artist, Common, "We All Gotta Eat!" Headlining the Los Angeles Food & Wine Festival 2014," then crashing into this recent Labor Day Weekend's new festival, Jay-Z's and Budweiser's "Made In America" Festival, "The X Ambassadors & Jamie N. Commons & the Buskers, "Made Underground" Made It at "Made In America" LA."

Now, that Fall has officially arrived and approaching New York Spring Fashion Week is coming this Thursday, it doesn't feel like it.  Good! With this Dog Days of Summer or properly apted, "Indian Summer," this extended warm weather gives us extra good weather to stretch out a work-out and a juice detoxifying diet for as long as it takes.  Even, if it means heating our juices into soup.

For extra incentive and to properly set our attitude, FabFitFun VIP Summer 2014 Edition and Women's Health with Birchbox Edition care packages gives us treats to pamper and fit our attitude.

If you're saving for a cheaper Fall get-away or need extra travel-sized stash for additional boost for New York Fashion Week, both FabFitFun and Women's Health Birchbox is here to help.

FabFitFun VIP Summer 2014 Care Package includes a Water Infuser BPA-free Water-Bottle to soak your water in whatever real fresh-fruit flavor you want.  Do this to impress your New York Fashion Week frenemies with equal amount of admiration and jealousy.

When Manhattan grime and filth and stress are getting at you, FabFitFun VIP Summer 2014 delivers Sonya Dakar Flash Facial's hyaluronic and lactic acids moisturizes while plumping up and refreshes the skin while you crash and snooze over-night.

Let's face it, you're going to be in no-nonsense, speedy Manhattan.  What you need is a switchblade of a skincare, Pur-Lisse Pur-Protect SPF 30.  It's light-weight but super-nourishing, moisturizing and protective without the pimples.  You got enough stress as it is.

Your nerves may frazzled but your manes don't have to be.

Balanced Guru No Frizz Oil's argan, jojoba, and tamanu oils soothes and styles the frizzies away while silently conditioning your stresses so you can look primped and polished, even though your nerves are not.

If SHAPE Magazine is the "Vogue" among women health and fitness enthusiasts, then Women's Health is the no-nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is but sexier counter-part, the fitness-focused Cosmopolitan to its prime and proper Vogue.

Birchbox & Women's Health's Care Package may be petite but it packs a punch.

Inside, it includes a cute and nifty "Power Up" Guide Book of twelve bite-sized challenges that are easy incorporate into your daily life without even knowing it, from fitness to beauty to self-esteem.

Buried behind the pocket-sized "Power Up" Guide Book, travel-sized Vasanti Detox Nutrient-Rich Purifying Facial Cleanser, Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Moisturizer, Naobay Body Radiance Lotion, and a plump and stout Benefit Posie Tinted Lip Balm.

As you already now, Birchbox is the sample/travel-sized pioneer of samples, a.k.a. the "Whitman Sampler of Beauty."  If you run actively doing your job, or a fitness-addict or a jet-setter,  those Birchbox samples sure do come in handy.

Birchbox's Women's Health Edition can be easily stashed in your jeans pocket or clutch, nothing heavy or bulky and TSA will not stop you.

Whether you're recuperating from Summer partying to dashing straight into New York Fashion Week and need something effective and healthy, think of FabFitFun and Birchbox.


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